Anyone want to collaborate on a project?

Anyone want to collaborate on a project?
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I have 2 projects I’d love to work on with anyone here who may want to explore this technology. I’m looking to replace ISDN with the Avid Cloud Collaboration and non-avid Source Connect Elements. I would love to do a test run with anyone here who is willing. I’ll pay for all the costs of the subscription and data plan on both of our ends for either project.

So basically, I was hoping someone could toss a ProTools session online, follow some instructions, get my computer connected to theirs, then just see if we can make some edits, or I’ll lay down some keyboard tracks or something. Or if someone wants to shoot a guitar track on my session, I can invite you to the session and you can do everything from your place.

Basically, when Pro Tools goes online, the session is uploaded to the cloud and if someone makes a change (say by adding a keyboard track), the other person can see and hear it in real time in full HD in their own room through their own studio monitors.

Anyone have a session or a need a keyboard track on a Pro Tools session?

I’m also looking to learn the Source Elements platform. This one is a little different, in that its more like Skype on steroids with giant amount of audio bandwidth. It will work with any DAW. Unlike the example in the video, we won’t be tracking this the middle of a NAMM booth so no need for that extra box thing that hooked together 3 data lines.


I’d love to try something, but I’m not fluent enough in pro tools to be any use.


You play violin and cello…don’t you? Wanna try and a shoot a string track in Reaper?

Then if you want, I can turn around and shoot a keyboard track for you in Reaper.

The part I’m completely unfamiliar with is routing the audio feed to and from the other persons source. My understanding is that if I’m running the DAW, the your mic and would be patched into your interface, armed a DAW that you see on your screen, and when I hit record, it would actually track through your mic and interface to my DAW. But how and where I bring your instrument in, and send the monitoring signal out, is what I’d like to have a much better handle on how to do.

And I need to test it with video too…If you wanna find a funny voiceover to do some ADR sync lines over a film clip I’m sure it can get set up, because that’s really what this is for.


shoot, I really would like to do it, but I’m out of my house until mid august and working with a remote rig and no instruments. The only thing I have for an instrument for the next month is my little 32 key midi controller.


What on earth are you doing leaving your house and running around with a 32 key midi controller!? lol. That sounds funny when you think of it like that.


central valley is really hot in the summer, so I leave until it cools off.


What is pro tools?



You probably know it by it’s original name: Stockholm Syndrome.


Ok…so Source Connect installs as a plugin then opens on both computers. Or as a standalone.

So one person is sitting there with a DAW which has Source Connect inserted as effect plugin, then the output of that aux channel gets routed to an audio track to be captured.

The other person opens up Source Connect then assigns the input of their interface within the Standalone app. Neat!

The issue is both parties need a license and the software costs both people an additional $75. Plus the $35/month to have the service. No big deal for a commercial studio. Total waste of money for a hobbyist. Oh well.