Anyone using Repost network?

It looks like for $30 a year you get unlimited uploads to Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Anyone tried this? It is a little hazy how you’re getting paid.


It’s just a competing service for all the distributors already out there like Distrokid, TuneCore, CD Baby etc.
I’m using Distrokid myself. I haven’t looked at SoundCloud Repost in details.

I’ve used Tunecore and they’re a lot more solid with reporting income than Distrokid. I am on Distrokid now, and they have very vague cust. service and monetization, so kinda looking to move shop.

Tunecore was too expensive. At the same time, I get it, you pay for quality.

Repost is $30 for a year unlimited releases so that might be a good competing service, just not sure on how the pmt will work.

Can you expand on why you preferred TuneCore payment system? Is it the reliability of the reports? I haven’t seen anything wrong with Distrokid but I have a label account so maybe the system is better than a standard account. I also had to contact customer service recently and got a speedy response.

We have the standard band acct., super slow and vaque customer service, super slow payments. Usually to monetize on one purchase we paid Amazon, took 8 months to get to us.

Tunecore has been super fast on payment, and great cust. service but expensive.

OK, Tunecore just lost me with this BS, why the hell are they getting involved in politics?

“At TuneCore, we strongly believe it’s our responsibility to provide the music community the freedom to connect, mourn, and heal through ways of creative self-expression. We also know that it’s the organizations that are leading the fight for social change are in need of financial support. That’s why on June 2nd, 2020, all proceeds from TuneCore’s distribution fee for new releases will be donated to Color of Change. You can learn more information on Color of Change and the work they’re doing to fight injustice and inequality on their website.”

There’s quite a list of corporations supporting black lives matter and the George Floyd protests. Apple, Intel, Facebook, Levi’s, Peloton, Disney, Netflix, HBO, TNT, WarnerMedia. Corporations usually have their bottom line in mind when they do anything.

In other words: “Don’t loot me, please” :slight_smile:
Sorry, I am just tired of everything being politicized.

There is that but they are mainly concerned about their images with their customers, stockholders and also their employees; they can’t afford to be on the wrong side of any of those issues.