Anyone use the Relab LX480 reverb?

I just dusted this one off when I realized it had been removed from the Slate Everything bundle, and wanted to give it as second listen before I sent it to the graveyard. There’s an option to buy it standalone for $300. My license for the Slate Everything expires in 6 days. Have 3 options. Renew without the 480, Renew with the 480, Renew without the 480 and buy the 480 standalone at full price.

But I was pretty surprised at how much I liked it. I tried it against the Lexicon PCM suite, the Slate Verbsuite, and both the EA Phoenix Verb and the R2. Its certainly more flexible than the Verbsuite, and richer sounding (to me) than the Lexicon. Anyone else really digging this thing?

I missed this one entirely! I don’t see it listed at all over there either. That’s a bummer they’d drop it.

Slates entire company is a giant disorganized ClusterF%^k but he still manages to crank out usable plugins, once you figure out which of his 10 websites to download it from and where to get the license.

The annual license for everything with the 480 is from Gobbler for $275.
The annual license for everything without the 480 is from Slate for $180.
The buy price of the 480 from Relab is $300.
The annual license for the 480 from Relab is $95.

So it comes down to the the question of own it or rent it. Its reasonably priced, but I’m wondering why almost no one uses it.

Of course slate has to axe it. Anyone with that reverb that had it in their FX chain is screwed now. Try Valhalla Room. Good reverb and their company is cool.

Its ok but there are other verbs just as good out there cheaper .I use it sometimes but my go to is Eventide ultra verb now days,fantastic reverb.

I didn’t have it on my primary chain (thankfully). But I did use it in quite a few mixes.

The Valhalla Room is really nice, but its also very different. But both the Valhalla Room and Plates have also become a mainstay in a lot of stuff :smiley:

That one’s pretty cool. Chorus and compressor built in? That’s nice.