Anyone up for lyrics bashing? (with quick audio demo)

Anyone up for lyrics bashing? (with quick audio demo)
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It’s not often I have to look up a new word. Thanks for making my day! (And good luck!)


I smell a new @bozmillar Boz plugin…!


Now, here’s the problem. I already started making this exact same plugin. But now that you guys started talking about it, I’m going to release it and everyone’s going to complain that they came up with the idea first. I was just about to release it tomorrow, but now I won’t.


Oh wait, I just remember I have one of those.

It only goes one way, however…




Your prosody is showing…


It’s actually pretty common in French so I thought it might be in English too. It’s a convenient word for songwriters because it sums up everything they do (or strive for). A text can be beautiful by itself, as can a melody, but they might not combine into a good prosody. It is only when the text can be sung with the right flow, the right stresses and the right words-to-notes associations that the prosody is great, hence the song too.


A crucial concept and I did not know there was a word for it! Not the first time I learned something about my own language from someone who speaks others… thanks @Lophophora!


I, too, was flummoxed by that word. The only other time I have heard it used was a Jethro Tull song, “Prosody, You’re a Woman”.


I, sir, am in complete agreement. From their responses I can conclude that both Sven and Loph have experienced vicissitudes that have elevated them to a lofty level.


Thanks for the kind words, and I just learned a new word myself… flummoxed. :wink: