Anyone try Rode M5 MP as drum overheads? Thoughts?

Anyone try Rode M5 MP as drum overheads? Thoughts?


Looking for something fairly inexpensive that could be used for decent recording quality…

Any other suggestions in that price range (about $200) would be great.


I’ve heard decent stuff about them in the past. I’ll do a little research for you in that price range!


Samson C02 and AT4041 are another 2 mic choices I’ve heard mentioned.

I also have a AT2020 and a MXL(something) that are big condenser overheads and won’t care much if they get damaged, I might try that even though it won’t be even on both sides.




If I remember correctly, I thought @dgarner was using M5’s? I could be way off. If that’s the case and he sees this, he’d give his opinion on them. I’ve heard decent stuff on those though. I think they’re a bit more price-wise, but I’ve had decent success with the ADK Odin mics as overheads also. They have a higher SPL rating, so they’re good on louder sources also. Just throwing that out there.