Anyone tried that little $100 CAD GXL2200?

There’s a pair of these things on Craigslist for $100. I just picked up another intern…he needs a couple cheap mics. I told him if I found some dirt cheap condensers I’d snag them for him and he could pay me back.

I’m hoping these things are slightly better than an MXL990 or a Behringer C1. Has anyone tried them? He needs them as a stereo pair for his acoustic, to combo with a 57 for his electric, and to sing into. This is a college kid in an audio engineering program that has a great ear, but is teaching lessons at a local music shop and living with his parents. Basically, he’s to broke to buy a good mic.

Not expecting anything great, but if they’re downright bad, I need to know, because I won’t be able to try them first.


I’ve actually had remotely decent success with some of CAD’s stuff in the past. I suspect these will fall in line with a lot of mics at the price point (slightly exaggerated highs, etc), but in terms of build quality, CAD seems to do alright in my experience.

I’d expect them to be pretty decent because I used to read good things about them on another forum I used to frequent a few years ago. Like Holster said, you may still get those exaggerated highs, but I the guys on that forum I mentioned really thought they were a great deal…And , did you say that you get 2 of them for $100 ? Fifty bucks per mic is definitely a good deal.

Yeah. They were listed on CL 2 for $100…I talked him down to $80. lol

Caleb (new intern) sounded pretty excited to get a hold of them. His single SM58 does ok for electric guitar right now, but he needs something a little brighter to track his acoustic. I’ll get him on this forum eventually.

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