Anyone tried a Grace or Millenia preamp?

Anyone tried a Grace or Millenia preamp?


Just curious. Thoughts?


One user here (and from RR) has the M103(?) grace pre.
@m24p is the member.


hes got the really expensive channel strip.

Ive had the M101 in the cart many times when one pops up sub $500.
I dont care for wall warts but its not that big a deal and is often easier for mfg to get compliance signoff etc… the newer version has the Ribbon button which is cool.


Yeah, I got the channel strip on a good sale. It’s been reliable and does what I want with pretty lights to help me follow along with what it’s doing. Not had any issues with it yet. I don’t tend to subscribe to the pre-amp voodoo, so are far as sound quality, I’ll say it’s low-noise, high-headroom, and easy to tell how the gain staging is working. The inputs and outputs and knobs are solid.

Sorry about the late reply. I had my third kid in January. :slight_smile:


Congrats on the new addition!!!


Cool! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: