Anyone need songwriting motivation? How about 5 songs in 5 days?!

not my idea but I think ill give it a go lol

Its part of a facebook group. Ive never done the challenge but I think they have it from time to time. Not sure of the specifics but I think u get a songwriting prompt and you write according to that idea maybe?

Dunno, but in any case u end up with 5 new songs in 5 day slol

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I like this one in that, when they say they will give you a prompt, I am assuming they will specify a title, a starting lyric, a genre etc. That would be a challange I have seen many of these before where folks cheat. I am not set up yet for recording, but could be in a few days. Sounds fun

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ive never done it so im not sure. Im assuming they give u a subject or a line as a prompt. Dunno.

I believe you can do lyrics only OR send in some sort of recorded demo. They arent judging on the recording quality

There is also a contest to win some stuff

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from above link:

What types of prompts do you share?

Iā€™m always changing up prompts each challenge to keep it interesting and ot inspire as many different kinds of writers as possible. Some of the prompts we use are:

WORD SETS ā€“ A set of 10 words, where the writer is prompted to write a song using at least 5.
TITLES ā€“ A title for your song! Write a song with this title.
PHOTOS ā€“ Write a song that is inspired by the photograph.
THEMES ā€“ Write a song that alludes to this theme. You can use the exact wording, or choose not to.