Anyone having problems with REAPER 6?

I’m curious as to whether anyone else is having problems with REAPER 6. Y’all know how much I love this DAW; have NEVER had problems with any of my upgrades.

V6 seems glitchy to me. Projects load MUCH more slowly. Playback sometimes stutters. It seems to take a lot more memory.

I’m also experiencing a weird glitch when using snapshots (SWS):

Not sure if I should post this here, or maybe in bug reports. I’ll try here and move over, if needed.

I’m experiencing a new and reproducible glitch since u/g to V6, when using SWS snapshots.

I have my mix the way I want it. I click to a snapshot from a few days ago, and the reverb sound on one of my guitars changes drastically; it is not the way it was when I saved that snapshot. I click back on my current snapshot (SWS) and the reverb does not change back. It becomes swamped in a heavy, unpleasant reverb. My guitar track has a send going to a track with only Reaverb on it, with an impulse response loaded. I have compared the settings before and after, but they are the same. It’s 100% reproducible. So, when I click back on the current snapshot, the reverb remains corrupted. The previous snapshot also did not have the reverb sounding like that. In fact, I can go back to a previous version of my project and it is fine.

Any thoughts?


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I’ve unfortunately not been in the studio much for the last month and a half but plan on hitting it hard over the next month. I’ll test it out. I’ve always had a few stutters on larger projects but nothing reoccurring or game breaking.
Will keep you posted if anything is noticeable.

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Thanks for the heads-up! I actually installed V6 on a backup computer before I commit to the upgrade on my main box. Have you reported this to the Reaper forum?

Good to see you Dan!

Generally speaking it’s working well for me. The only thing I’ve noticed is Melodyne ARA is not working well when I insert it on a track. My workaround is to use it as an item effect, which seems to be very stable.


I did. A few replies but no one experiencing this with v6.

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Reaper can’t find my Waves plugin folder (though I have added it to the other folders in preferences - again). But what’s new. I’ve been having problems with Waves ever since I bought my first Waves plugin. Otherwise no problems. I like the new look and functionalities!

There’s something glitchy about the Waves installer.

I had that problem when I first upgraded to V6. Try refreshing all your plugins: go to Preferences >> Plugins >> VST >> Clear cache/rescan.

If all goes well your plugins should be there after that.

I happened to find these tidbits on the Reaper Forum, so at least the issue is probably getting some attention, or will at some point:

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Thanks Stan, trying again to come back!!!

I have managed to finally get back in the studio and no issues yet although I have had some stuttering, it’s on a pretty epic project which has that happen on occasions anyway. I’ll post if anything unusual happens.

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