Anyone have suggestions for a good keyboard stand? Mine's not working real great

I’ve been using this setup for years. its ok but not great. I need to be able to stand when playing. The problems is on smaller venues, the footprint is pretty intrusive.

Its function, but not very efficient. Getting 3 stands setup can slow up the process a bit.

Even when using one keyboard, its a little tricky to fit on stages I shouldn’t have any problem setting up on.

The problem is that it takes really big stages to make the rig work, but even if you have a big stage, setup takes longer than I’d like it to.

Last week I grabbed and X stand because they’re so simple to set up, but I don’t like how they look.

I liked how this one looked, but the weight limit is 110lbs and both keyboards together weigh 107. I wonder if I’m cutting it too close. I can add a second tier onto these K&M stands, but one keyboard (The Motif) weighs 64 lbs and the other (The Hammond) weighs 43 lbs.

Any ideas?

Hey @AJ113… does that band you run sound for have anyone playing keys?

I’m not tied to a specific band at the moment.

Ah - I see. All good man. Was just going to ask what they used (if they had a keyboard player).