Anyone fancy a mix collab?

Anyone fancy a mix collab?


you can start it and I finish it or visa versa .Be interesting to do I think. Any track track .
I can work in protools,reaper or studio 1


i’m racking my brain to see how this methodology could ever produce a satisfying outcome for both parties. It’s like having a complete stranger rub your wife’s forehead while you’re fucking her.
You can collab on anything, but should you?


I love the idea of a collaboration but I too, see it hard to be done on mixing a song because mixing is a job for one, at least in my mind.
But how about creating a song?

I was imagining something like one person writes the song, others play/record the instruments (there we could have more than one on each instrument like multiple singers, or guitarists or whatever, no limit there for whoever wants to participate) and finally ONE person does the mix.

And we end up with an indie recording… recording. :wink:


Another possibility is one person can mix it, and the other can master it


I think it would be more like one person mixes it and the other producing it.


I cant record at mo and I dont really play anymore but would be happy to try the mix .


How about having one person handle everything below some mutually agreed cutoff frequency, say 3k to 5k Hz, and the other handles everything above? :grinning::nerd_face:


One handles drums and bass the other the rest.


I got two or three tunes I’d like some vox and lyrics done for… if anyone is interested in that…