Anybody want to be an Interstellar Fur Trader?

Anybody want to be an Interstellar Fur Trader?


@steban and @Stan_Halen please check out this mix of POBP and see what you think.



The mix sounded pretty good to me. Something that bugged me, not mix but instrument track, was the kick drum from 1:04-1:35. There’s like an off-time kick drum, double-kicks, or maybe they are supposed to be “fills” but it keeps going for several measures. If that’s MIDI and can be tweaked I’d say keep it simple (less hits) or tweak the timing so it doesn’t sound off. I think it’s just that time window where I heard it. If it’s in a audio track with kick only, it could be edited fairly easy.


Thanks Stan!

The track I posted is my mix of the POBP tracks that Steban uploaded to Google drive, plus I added a bass track. The drums are an mp3 submix (stem?) which I can’t edit, so we’ll see what Steban wants to do.


I’ll just pick things up as we go along :wink:


I will be on a cruise next week, guys, 29Oct-5Nov, and out of pocket.

I will be free all day Saturday and Sunday morning, in case you want me to call you, Ailwyn, regarding Reaper etc.


Hey, @steban, if you get a chance, check out my latest mix of POBP posted above, we have a question for you about it.


I listened to it earlier but have had to work today, can you believe it?

I think I just added a few variations in the drum style during 1:04 to 1:35, which I can fairly easily change if is not working for you guys. My only intention was to make it less monotonous. It is a drummer and a percussionist playing all shakers, so I will try to upload another drum track to POBP tonight for you to mix.

My only other feeling was I think I used Bark of the Dog (free) on the mix and slightly brought up the bass and drums, I’ll upload that mix, too, so you can see, maybe a teeny bit punchier.

Otherwise, the vocals sound very clean, the new mix with the bass sounds very tight. We are closing in!


What I noticed sounded like a kick drum or maybe a low tom. I don’t think anything else sounded out of time in that segment (though having one thing jump out makes it harder to hear others).


I just uploaded to the POBP folder
pobp drums fix-001.mp3

I had 2 bars playing this style called Odd Shuffle, which sounded as the name infers!

I replaced it with Bossa Nova style, which is basically close to the plainer 8th Rock style I use for most of the time. I also changed the bar where the 8th Rock style resumed to 1:24, a bar earlier and lining up with planet of beautiful chorus beginning.

Otherwise, I left it alone.

I think that is better for @ingolee to mix!

I can change it more if you want by tomorrow.

Also, @Ailwyn, I am leaving earlier than I thought on Sunday, so today or Saturday is my free time dude.


@steban and @Stan_Halen, I downloaded Bark of the Dog and applied it to this mix which includes Stebans new drum track (thanks Mr. Millar!) Please check this out and let me know what you think, thanks!


This is a great mix, ingo, IMHO. Only thing I might notice is the piano sounds a little too compressed at the high end in POBP. It is now very clean but lacks that high harmonic crispness, possibly got cut by Bark of the Dog. Maybe apply BOTD on all the tracks except the alchemy. Or try making an adjustment on the high Amplitude, turn it up a tiny amount. Bottom Brandon in youtube had Frequency about 45.

The way the whole thing flows together is excellent. The bass and drums feel good in this mix. There is a healthy separation in the parts with headphones, even in my car!

I keep comparing the original and the latest, and the latest is just improved to me in every area, aside from the piano top end, which is very subtle.


I think it is sounding good.

If I’m reading it right, Ingo put BOD on the Master/2-Bus (“mix”). By impacting the low end it is possible it is affecting the high end, I think of it as the see-saw effect, where EQ changes to one extreme of the spectrum impacts the other extreme in some way. I don’t think I have used BOD on the Master, only on individual tracks, but it’s certainly an option. To exclude that one track, he’s have to put it on all others as you suggested, though I’m not sure all tracks would need it. Boosting high end on Alchemy might overcome that if leaving BOD on the mix?

Boz built BOD when he discovered how some other high priced plugin was doing that low end boost - a resonant high-pass filter. You can easily do this with any EQ, but BOD makes it quick and easy, plus has a few fun knobs to twiddle. :slightly_smiling_face: So a resonant high-pass filter is a boost at the frequency (or near it) that you are high-passing. Let’s say you set it at 45 Hz, it is going to do a boost there while cutting frequencies below it. The 45 Hz will “resonate” (if that was a good frequency choice for the content) due to the boost, and is accentuated by the lack of content below it.


Good call Stan, yes the Dog is on the master! I will try some different combinations and repost.


@steban and @Stan_Halen, thanks for the support here.

The easiest thing to do I thought was to take Stan’s suggestion and eq the Alchemy track. So I high shelved it 7 db at 900 Hz. So BOD is still on the master, I can take it off and put it on individual tracks if you want but I figured we’d start with the easy fix. Let me know what you think.


This sounds brighter, and I think is better. Good show, Ingo! The shakers are good, too.


I did notice more brightness on the whole mix. I liked it, more atmosphere. Then, I did notice some sibilance on Steve’s vocals, which brought up my “sibilance deflector shields”. :scream_cat: However, getting past that I noticed that the vocal sounded more “present” and intimate than before. So I think that actually does work. You might consider tweaking that EQ just a little bit so it’s not so sibilant or not quite as bright overall? I’m torn between liking the atmosphere and details, and my natural tendency toward “not too bright” mixes. Or, you could just hit the vocal (and vocal reverb) with a bit of de-esser, because the other bright parts of the mix might be fine. I know that sounds like piling effects on effects, but whatever works. It’s like sooooo close to being spot on now.


Sorry bud… was busy all weekend setting things up for a halloween gig at The Jolly Miller, Fareham, UK


Hey @Ailwyn, if you still want to learn Reaper, here’s the first video in a good instructional video series.

Here’s the page with all of the videos in the series.


@steban and @Stan_Halen; I surgically de essed the vocal track and lowered the Alchemy track 2 db on volume and also 2 db on its high shelf eq.

Edit: 11/4/17 I’m revising this file and will repost it soon. I hope.


I think this one gets the Stan_Halen seal of approval. :grin: Overall brightness is toned down, sibilance is under control but vocal atmosphere and presence is still good.

Hopefully there’s still enough piano top end for Steve.