Anybody want to be an Interstellar Fur Trader?

Anybody want to be an Interstellar Fur Trader?


That is so funny, Stan! If you can infer the roar, give it a go. We all love sketches, too. I imagine the future has sequels in the double digits for some really bad, and some good, movies, Rambo 39, so cliche may become a kind of fusion where old keeps getting mixed with new. You are going to flavor COTS with random bits of 400 years of pop music. So we will probably cringe at parts but other parts may be what I call traditional future which we keeps it listenable. Classic Rock in my mind still is a force among music styles.


@doubletrackinjive told me to tell you he’s getting open heart surgery and that he’s sorry he hasn’t been as active in the project as he wants. He’s going in Tuesday morning. Wish 'im luck. Him and I have known each other since grade school, he oughta be fine. The dude is indestructible I swear to God. He got in a motorcycle accident in his twenties and when he went to the hospital they told him he might never walk again. He checked out that afternoon. He’s a cheap bastard!


Thanks for letting us know, Clown. That’s still pretty darn serious, though, and I’ll keep him in my thoughts and wish for the best on Tuesday.



That sounds positive, double! Hope you’re not in Florida!

Meanwhile, we are making steady progress, fellow Fur Traders. Here is my final mix of Ingo’s POBP Orchestral Refrain, which he posted in BTR, which I think is brilliant. I think it is a super strong finale for the musical. This leaves Stan’s The Golden Age of the Silver Screen, the narration parts, and adding extra bass, guitar and backing vocals and of course the final cleanup of all the numbers.

And on that note, my cousin Bobbi is going to listen and hopefully add some female vocals for us in the songs! She has a very sweet voice of a pop rock and slightly country sound, and that might add a whole new dimension to what we have. I’ve been listening to all the songs in order, and even as they are right now, it is feeling really credible as a work of music to me.

One last thought, Ingo, on the soundtrack music for the narrations, after listening to what you did on the refrain, it occurred to me you could “connect” the songs using a snippet of a riff from the previous song that ends with a musical reference to the next song, done with the orchestral flare of the refrain. Not to say disregard any progress you’ve already made, but just an imaginary suggestion for you to entertain.

As a final comment, I feel such pride in our group achievement, and I hope you all do as well. I could never have done this so outstandingly alone. And I just bought the domain for 3 years, and I hope to put some basic web page up soon so we can have a home on the web for what we do. If anyone wants to help with that, please let me know.


Thanks Stan… I’m away on holiday later this month so when back I’ll touch base with you guys and see how it’s going. With a clear head I might just be able to get this Reaper thing off the ground!


Your mix on the Reprise is fine @steban good work! Feel free to modify it further if you like, I may revisit it with suggestions form IRD members later on myself.

Adding snippets is a good suggestion. I’m working on Cue #1 for the intro voice over and I hope to post that soon in a rough draft form. It’s basically in rock style now but other elements could be added once the vocal is done I think.


Here’s my track for the intro and voice over 1. I’m happy to add, subtract or start over so please give some feedback, @steban, @Stan_Halen and anyone else who has a moment to give some advice


This is cool so I can try the narration over it, at least for timing and feel. I may not have feedback until I try that, but I’m going to get some narration recorded for you guys to listen to, and this may be helpful to get me going.

Just doing a quick read-through, the orchestral intro lasts maybe 30 seconds, and doing the reading of the narration after that could be another 1:30 or so. It depends on my pacing, which might be influenced by your music, the tempo and energy. But it looks like just over 2 minutes might be required for intro and VO leading into the first track? So based on that, I’d ask what are the timing cues to segue from section to section, if we can try to establish that? I know that may be up in the air right now, and fluid throughout production, but starting to define that in terms of narrative interludes might help me.

Listening again, I like the intro SFX and the orchestral elements. Then the music changes and drops off about 0:30, which suggests to me that’s where the narration should start.


The opening is simple and yet very big, Ingo, and it settles into a mellow rock number that is not overly melodious, not too distracting from our narrator.

I think you do your thing, Stan, as you feel best. Once roughly mixed we can all decide what it might benefit from. On Mink Stolen, Ingo basically lined up my narration with his music. I’m too tired tonight, but I’ll listen more tomorrow and try to mock it up in context.

I am too tired tonight, but I’ll listen in rough context tomorrow. I am most grateful I’m not having to do this part personally!


Nope, in the Midwest like always. Perfect fall weather here.

Maybe you can have her sing the second verse of Flying Free since it’s about a woman. You guys can do a duet in the chorus since it’s about a man and a woman escaping? Just an idea!


@steban and @Stan_Halen, as I understood it this voice over goes between the instrumental opening and the first song “Planet of Beautiful People”. I read it at about two minutes of narration and the mellow rock part after the initial bombast is about three minutes so we’d probably trim it to fit, so yes Stan, that’s where the narration starts, and we’ll fit the rest around that I think.

I’ll post an alternate version of this track that is much more ambient and formless so that we can try different versions; the rock thing may be harder to phrase over. It will be easy to add fills and sound effects after the narration is fit in place. We can leave the booming intro as is or add to it if you like.

@doubletrackinjive glad you are doing well! Production suggestions are great, and there will be lots of opportunities for other stuff as well as we get this hammered into shape so thanks for joining in here.


@steban and @Stan_Halen, here is an ambient version of the intro track I posted yesterday, it may be easier to work with. The violins follow the same chord progression as the rock version so we could mix or crossfade them if we want. I’ll be tied up for a few days but I’ll check in.


I mixed the violins with the rock and really like the way it came out au naturale. Then I played it as I read the part just to get a feel for the timing and how it goes together, and I think we are in the ballpark. I let it play for 45 secondsish and then started, and at a nonrushed pace ended fairly close to the end. I had a hard time deciding where to start as the melody did not have a clear break between the intro and the rest, which is good overall. I just picked a spot. Possibly we use some sound effect like a communicator beeping on to cue Stan. Maybe even have some background standing on the starship bridge sounds.

I’m all for that, Double! In my ears it is a soulful ballad and would be very suitable for her voice to shine.

Cue #2, thinking ahead, has the voice of Charlton Taylor, the POBP show announcer as well as Captain Bishop, so we need a voice. Just sound like Carson Daly or Charlton Heston is all!


Yes, that would be helpful and figures into the timing cues I suggested.

I was going to ask about that. I can give it a shot in a different character voice, and if it doesn’t sound convincing we can always try to find someone else willing to give it a go.


@steban @ingolee OK I finally recorded the opening narration for Cpt Bishop. I forgot to try to track it along with the orchestral intro, was trying to get this first one cranked out, but it’s about 1:49 which is close to what I had estimated.

Give a listen and let me know what you think about the character, voice, performance, pacing, etc. I want to get all those nailed down before proceeding with the rest of the narration.


I can be the new voice if you guys need me to. Which character is it? @steban I’ll send you my email so you can send me tracks or the script.


Sounds like a great captain’s voice to me, Stan! Very in charge. I’m going to defer to Ingo on the timing. I tried starting it around 1:30 and it sounded pretty good to me.

Here is the final voice part we need, the POBP Show Host, cpf. The entire script is up higher in this thread! Good luck!

Charlton Taylor:
–The opening music of the reality show POBP season finale.
And good evening everyone, I’m Charlton Taylor, your host for the longest running and most popular reality TV show in history. Welcome to the finale for the 100th season of the Planet of Beautiful People!
–Crowd cheers.
Last week the top 50 contestants performed their hearts out, competing for a chance to migrate to Planet Hollywood and all that comes with it. You, the audience, have voted, and tonight your favorite 25 will be revealed as the winners. As you know, this is the first year we’ve used nanomasks to disguise the competitors so that they cannot be judged on their physical beauty. They will win based strictly on their talent.
So tweet your votes in now as voting is about to end, and we’ll be back to announce the first winners right after this message.


Very well done @Stan_Halen ; you have a talent for narration!

I’ll be happy to try a mix with this and if anyone else wants to try it or add to whatever I come up with you are more than welcome.


The final script with all the lyrics is in Reply 62.

Here are all the songs/cues in order to date.

01C Cue 1 - this is my big quicko mix with both your tracks, Ingo, sound effects, and Stan.

01 Planet of Beautiful People

02 No Turning Back

03 We Could Not Find It Anymore

04 Nose Job

05 The Golden Age of the Silver Screen

06 So Polarized

07 Flying High

08 We’ll Try to Turn Back the Clock

09 Freedom Is Ugly

10 Planet Hollywood

11 Planet of Beautiful People Refrain