Anybody tried STL Tonality?

STL Tonality is the first amp plugin that has my interest since I bought Scuffam S-Gear quite a few years ago… Have any of y’all tried it?


I bought it on the pre-order… the demos I heard sounded great.
I’ve used it a couple of times now and it’s certainly one of the better plugin amp sims I’ve ever used. The potential range of tones is great… I’ve only used it for the metal, but I’ve noodled around with un-metal tones and it’s pretty easy to dial in something nice pretty quickly.

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Have to agree, its probably not possible to record something that good AND clean with a mic.

Not in any studio Ive been in recently anyway.

I hadn’t heard of it before, but it looks interesting. So they just released or are about to release a plugin version? It looks like before that they were marketing some Kemper/Axe-FX preset packages? It looks like they’re going to charge $130 U.S. for the plugin, though there’s a 15% holiday discount code right now. So … is this a game-changer? Or just a step up from what was already out there?

It’s been out for a month or 2 now… originally their bread n butter was Kemper/AxeFX profiles but I guess they (and everyone else on the planet) wanted to get into the amp sim game. Game changer? Naw I don’t think so… but I think it’s the next step up from previous offerings. Everyone’s mileage may vary though… check out a demo if they have one.


There’s an FAQ at the bottom of the plugin page that says they don’t offer a demo. :unamused: Also, you must have an iLok account but not an actual iLok (for anyone who’s interested).

They just added a 10-day demo for this… I dunno if there’s any annoying restrictions (less amps/cuts out etc…) but this is a good opportunity to check it out!


Thanks for the heads-up! Requires iLok account but not dongle. They make you set up a login account with billing/shipping info to get the demo, but that seems to be becoming more common these days.