Any thoughts on soundproofed windows for a house?

Say you had a house about 100 feet off the road, and you needed some different windows in there anyway - for a home studio area. They don’t need to open or have screens. Are some type of glass better than others at blocking out sound?

I know you have a lot of transmission noise (as in sound thats transmitted through the ground) and that HVAC also plays a roll…but the glass and windows itself. Does anyone know if some windows reject sound better than others? Or are beyond a certain quality level, do they really not make the much of a difference?

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I’m not sure regarding glass types, but I’d be curious to see what kind of difference there’d be between double pane vs triple pane other than cost.

What kind of windows do you have now? If single pane, then replacing with double pane is is more standard these days and you should see some improvement. Superior types are available I’m sure but I’d guess the cost goes up exponentially with the quality.

Instead, maybe try those “foam plugs” for windows just in the studio room. Some people described these on RR a few years ago, and I have read about them other places. Some company may custom make them for you, but you can DIY and make them similar to a bass trap with lots of OC or Roxul. You need a frame that will fit inside the window sill tightly, and probably a way to secure the whole thing so it doesn’t fall out, then pack it as full of insulation as you can, or “chunk” as I believe they call it.

I would say soundproofing windows is out of the question, but if you can insulate them as much as possible the reduction could bring sound levels within reason.

here is a good site for info on acoustic window treatments

I would consider a shutter system for the windows. It can be both insulation/acoustic treatment and you can still open it when you want.

You mean Interior shutters, correct?

I need exterior windows lol.

yep. You can make them 2" thick, fill with rock wool (safe and sound) and you are good to go. Cover with something acoustically transparent.

I’d be curious to see what @Ethan_Winer’s input would be regarding windows.