Any idea on where the Telefunken M80 is made?

Looking at this, while maybe a bit pricey for stage mic I might suggest it to our singer. Any opinions on that one? Anyone know the make? Is it German? or China?

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Here’s the reply from Telefunken:

Thank you for contacting us! The Telefunken M80 Dynamic Series are all hand-built and tested to strict quality standards in Connecticut, USA.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

All the best,

Keith O’Hara

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

300 Pleasant Valley Road Suite C
South Windsor, CT 06074
TEL: [+1] 860.882.5919
FAX: [+1] 860.882.5980


Oh wow, nice!
Thanks for contacting them!

nice choice for a supercard… I personally like the (cardioid) Heil PR35 with the HPF switched on. Try them both if you can.

No chance to test them out anywhere. The Heil is quite popular, I think GC might even have it. No chance on the Telefunken in a shop.

How do you think it’ll fare with this guy’s voice?

The Heil is pretty detailed and smooth sounding large diaphragm dynamic, and seems to reduce background noise exceptionally well, with a pretty wide rejection pattern for a cardioid.

So with this guys hand grip over the vents, um well, you decide :wink:

With that PA system set up, standing in line with the FOH, I would normally be tempted by a supercard, maybe an EV ND967 or something like that.

But the Heil is pretty good at negating proximity effect, which you probably want with that singer.

I’ve never needed the low end, even when recording - which it also excels at - so I always have the HPF engaged by default.

“Idiot proof” … haha, some singers kinda fall in that category :slight_smile:

Is it spin proof though? If you saw the vid he likes to spin the mic on its chord.

I have a ND767 (I think) that we can try on this guy and rule that out. I honestly want him to get something with a bit more detail but maybe in this genre it’s moot and it’s easier to destroy the venue mics :slight_smile:

Suggest you bring your own mic and cable with neutrik connectors (for the best strain relief IMO) in that case.

FOH engineers hate to see that cord spinning thing as it breaks cables (or potentially compromises your cables for future gigs) - if you get dirty looks after shows, this is probably the reason and is considered extremely bad form.

The ND767 is also really good, I have one, but the Heil preserves greater detail for recording and seems just as good at feedback rejection.

Also I suggest you tape the connector securely to the mic, before it flies off at speed and hits somebody.

We told him several times but he insists mic spinning is his “gimmick”. So we’re just waiting to see what’ll happen.

Um actually… now i think about it,

I don’t think the Heil mic has a Neutrik friendly connector on it at all, so please totally disregard all my previous advice… mods please erase me from the internet, or whatever.

I’m now more inclined to believe it’s a Switchcraft on the Heil mic, or something similar, as it definitely doesn’t like connecting to my Liechtenstein built (metric?) Neutrik XLR’s very well, now that you mention it.

Whatever you do Descent, make sure you use, AT THE MINIMUM, a Matching Pair of XLR connectors (ie. the brand is identical for a perfect fit) between mic and cable, plus a boatload of Gaffer Tape - before the lunatic and his gimmick gets you all into a lawsuit.


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I have a Groove Tubes condenser we use for recording, so just stage mic.

I guess we try to add element of danger to the gig.