Any good ref tracks come to mind for my song 'Pretty Poison"?

Any good ref tracks come to mind for my song 'Pretty Poison"?
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Im remixing the song “pretty Poison” that I wrote last month. naturally I want to blow away my hasty mix that I did back then (a one day wonder for that 5 songs in 5 days challenge)

here is the rough mix I just did this morning. pretty much no processing. Just balanced up the levels.

2 questions then:

  1. what ref tracks or ref bands can I listen to for an idea of how to approach this mix? I am absolutely clueless as to how my stuff sounds or whom it might sound like.

Rival Sons? Bad Company? anything? im clueless

  1. anything in the rough mix stand out as needing attention. Im thinking maybe the kick is a tad boom or whatever, but like I say, nothing is processed yet


This is the first song that popped into mind when I heard this one.


haha, cool. furthest thing from my mind. I was thinking like maybe Motley Crue on laxatives


Starting with 2, I think the kick in the chorus is a bit loud. But if you want it louder in the chorus as contrast, just tweak the sound - it’s both thumpy and clicky, so maybe a touch one way or the other. Toms seem a bit boomy when they come in. Maybe bass too. Just low end in general, which is a challenge on just about any mix.

For 1, I don’t know if this is a good reference, but I knew something was coming up and this is the first thing I thought of. It’s more Metal than your Blues-Rock perhaps (though I think the elements are similar in some ways), but if you took some cues to how they handled the vocals and instruments, perhaps it could be helpful.


yeah thats cool because Oni Logan is one I think about on occasion because he never sang THAT high and sometimes I try to keep things more smokey and low ranged

dunno if yall ever heard this. it went under my radar for over 20 years lol. short lived project with oni Logan and rowan robertson

i definitely need to focus in one some more specifics on what i want to do. its so hard to define yourself


Something from Black Country Communion?


yeah, good call.

I could probably get close to these guys too…maybe with some helium hehe