Any Gomez fans here?

I’ve been a fan of this band for a long time. Seen them live many times. They appeal to the part of me where off-the-planet meets raw blues, rawk, acoustic, indie, quirky, experimental, progressive and artsy fartsy. Anyone else here dig Gomez?


never heard of them but they sound like a band i would like to check out.


image ?


Wow, I’m surprised no one has heard of them. For the uninitiated a good place to start might be 2006’s “How We Operate” album. It’s pretty instantly appealing:

On the other end of the spectrum, if you really want some really tangy “out-there” sounds and a feast for your ears, check out 2002’s Tchad Blake-produced “In Our Gun”:

As was mentioned in the first video I posted, their first 2 albums were done in quick succession. 1998’s “Bring It On”:

…and '99s “Liquid Skin”:

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I do like off-the-planet weirdness and experimentation. :grin: I don’t recall ever hearing about them though. They’re from England? (Wikipedia says Southport) Their discography seems to leave off at 2011. “Notice” has some elements I really like, though I notice (see what I did there? :wink:) that in several songs they have a strident midrange bite that feels a bit harsh to me at times.

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I’ve heard of them! I even have one two of their CD’s. Very interesting band, but I must admit I haven’t craved for their music for quite a few years. Some things stick and some don’t…But I fully understand why anyone who is an active member of INDIE recording depot should love this band. It’s certainly an Indie band IMO.

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After my post, I think I saw something about them coming out with a new release on July 12th this year. That’s tomorrow (at least in the western hemisphere). Was that what prompted this thread?

No, I wasn’t aware of that. Gomez are touring here in November, and we have tickets to go and see them, so I was just listening to them at work.

It occurred to me that maybe they were only popular here and in the UK.

Then I saw the video interview above where the host on KEXP in Seattle mentions how much she was a fan of them, so it made me wonder if their influence had spread further afield.

It seems not - Oh well.

Haha yes… Did you notice the bit in the KEXP interview where they recounted their first album being home recorded on 4 track way back in 98 before releasing home recordings became a “thing”? Seems particularly relevant to this forum…

Well thanks for posting these Andrew, I’d sort of forgotten about them (mainly because I hardly ever bother to put on a CD, and they never made it to my list of favourites in my switch to Spotify. That is going to change soon.

It reminds me of one ore two other weird and wonderful bands from that era, in particular Eels. Know them? I’m sure you do. I still listen to those albums.
Eels flyswatter

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Yes, I remember Eels! I suppose Beck kind of fits into that area too.

I guess it all relates to that slightly off-kilter DIY ethic that inspired that generation of artists. It also seemed to eschew the oh-so-serious rock roll persona that had become somewhat hyperbolic by that point in time.

Yep Beck was another one. Very quirky. But I never warmed to him for some reason.