Any Ableton users here?

Any Ableton users here?
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My son has started learning some Ableton and neither one of us have used it before. Curious to know how many of you have experience with it. :slight_smile:


Been using it for years. Great software as long as you don’t forget that its a production tool. Not a DAW. You’ll get frustrated with its lack of editing tools really quick if you expect it to do what Reaper and PT do. But its workflow is one of a kind…they actually ripped the looping grid concept off of Yamaha, but they’ve adapted it into a one-of-a-kind DAW. It tweaks, warps, and modifies sounds like no other, but its just sucky at cutting, chopping, editing in the way you’re used to. I only use it as a production tool. Mainly for songwriting sessions, where I have to blast out 10 million concepts per minute or throw stuff into a computer before some else forgets what they just sang lol.

Its real rival isn’t PT, Nuendo, or Logic in my opinion. Its actual competitor is NI Maschine.

I learned a lot through the Groove3 training videos. How old is your son, and how tech savvy is he?


Yeah, I figured that it’d be more of a production and songwriting tool, not really a DAW. So that’s good to get that confirmation.

He’s 14, and more savvy than I give him credit for. I’ve actually been really impressed with some of the loop stuff he’s done like in Garageband for example. I can tell he actually has a great ear for music flow and dynamics. It’s just a natural thing for him. I’m anxious to see what he does with music as he continues on with it.

I think Ableton just doesn’t function the way he expected it to, so he’s a bit flustered with how much he has to do before he can just make music. I have a hunch that he just needs to spend some time with some tutorials. It’s probably easier than it seems. Its just different.