Another RR Refugee

Another RR Refugee

Hi people
My name is Wayne Dwyer and I was a member of RR like quite a few others i have noticed here.
I originally came from Sydney Australia but i have since retired and now live in Northern NSW on a small cattle farm with my wife of 38 years.
I play guitar and am trying to sing a bit too, it seems i am one those idiots who is always on some part of a learning curve. This explains why I chose not to retire in front of a TV and bought a farm instead :slight_smile:
I really enjoyed my time on RR and met some amazing people there and I was very sad when I saw it has ceased to be. I am ready to start learning again and this site appeared and i thought why not.

I have basic recording gear, Tascam US-1641, a few Dynamic mics and a Rode NT 1 condensor and i am using Reaper as my DAW which I am muddling through but i’m semi-comfortable with.

OK that’s about all i can think to write, thanks for reading


Welcome (back) Wayne!

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Hi Wayne,

Good to see you on here… I arrived via the same route! :musical_score:

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Welcome Wayne! Glad to have you back among the fold. Now I can say I know someone who literally bought the farm! :nerd:

Please consider adding a map marker on our worldwide membership map, which you can read about here:
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Welcome Wayne, great to have you here :slight_smile:

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So great to have you here! Welcome :slight_smile:

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Ok i have marked the map at Grafton NSW. Its a great idea. I must have been missing when you did it at RR

Thank You for the w*^m welcome folks, can we say that here LOL.

Warm WARM w a r m

We had a good chuckle over that one when we got things rolling :wink:


Welcome back Wayne !

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Welcome dude! It’s good that some on RR don’t get lost somewhere else :smile:

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