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Sugar faith

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hmm. for some reason when all the other instruments joined the guitar in the intro it goes smaller. pull back on the guitar previous and then …i am not sure what, i would have to play with it. Also i want more smack from the kick. The whole thing is sounding good but it is just falling short of where you could take it. That is my take on it. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi mate,

The songs on them selves are pretty good ! Verry well written.

The mix however is a bit weird. I can’t tell what causes what :smiley: There is stuff that dissapears when something ells is added, but in a way that I don’t understand just by hearing it. Like the beginning of the second song, the drums sound like they should be, and then the voice come in, and the kick transforms into something like when you tap your finger on your desk. Very weird. I’d say they are fighting, but I can’t imagine a voice having that much impact on the heavyness of the kick.
In the first song I think the bass needs a lot more processing. the meter of the bass should barely move.

What is your signal chain on the bass?

Yes i see what mean.Its because the main guitar is wide stereo.I wanted the other guitars to be behind.Maybe not big enough ?

I don’t understand just by hearing it.I like that.:smiley:

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Whatever comes to hand on bass.I think that was was the IK LA2A but not sure.

You give great feedback.Always leaves me with something to think about.And some i have never forgot :smiley:

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try this :slight_smile:

1 EQ
2 Compressor
3 Compressor
4 EQ
5 Multi band
6 Limiter
7 if need EQ

Setup 2 and 3 first. get the first compressor to do the most work. Ratio around 8:1, max 3ms attack, ± 30ms release, and go for about 7-10 db reduction.
Second compressor something a bit smoother, 4:1 and so on. Depending on what it needs you can either go for letting the attack thrue more ore go for the same settings sort of as the first compressor.
Then go to your first EQ, and adjust a bit for the subs and mud the compressors brought up.
Then go to the second EQ, and do some surgical carving :slight_smile:
With the multiband, you can get the low end even more tight. maybe 2 bands, 0-100 and 100-250 or something, and play with them a bit until it is noticable tighter.
Then bring up the limiter until the meter is almost not moving anymore.
The last EQ is to adjust a bit for what the limiter might bring up agian. If you have to reduce more then 6 db on peaks with the limiter, you are not agressive enough on previous processing :slight_smile:

Read this in the Ermin Hamidovic mixing manual, and its starting to work very well for me. If you do this method, and you get to a point where you think this is sort of what I wanted, delete everything, and do it over, but now you know what your looking for, and the result will be even bette. You can get extreme tight bass with this.

I’m just suggesting this, cause I hear (especially the first song) that the bass is not constantly present.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Funny if ever a vox is getting clouded by the other elements,i my mind you come to you of the time you mentioned that in one one of my mixes long ago.It stuck in my brain lol

Another play with it

Listening again i think you are bang right.That first guitar needs narrowing.Those guitars would come with more impact then and also fill the mids a bit more

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Still a few major elements being lost due to the extreme battering its receiving in the compression and limiting dept.

Suggest you lift the foot off the gas and get the balance right first, then the other stuff can follow.

Totally agree

It is getting better though and i am really digging it.

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Has another go.Any better ?

yeah man that is grooving better nice build.

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Cheers mate i always keep remixing stuff till im happy. Repetitive as hell but fun lol

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