Another mix from stems ,Erasure - A Little Respect

Another mix from stems ,Erasure - A Little Respect


Great to play around with


Nice tune, it would be cool to hear it with a techno kick and pumping bass.


Cool! One thing I am hearing is the bass is a little subby/overpowering on the 1st 2 chords of the chorus, then it just kind of disappears.

Good one - where did you find it?


Cheers ,a friend of mine had them


Very cool. Kind’a retro.
Might be my headphonnes but the drums are a bit over powering.
Your voice has a good range. Attenuate the drums about 10%.
Very cool beat. Got my foot tapping.


That is the voice of Andy bell.The track was a top 10 hit in the UK in 1988
They had 24 top 40 hits in uk and 3 top 20 hits in the USA