Another India Test

Another India Test


It’s Friday and I’m putting this file up in celebration… it’s another first sound test I did with the India library - I have since extended this track to five minutes and I am working on it…
I do like the India library…



This is awesome!! Where did you get that?


It’s Native Instruments, upgraded Komplete to get it…


cool, thanks! Sounds really really good


I even bought the Macrovideo course on how to drive it… first time I’ve ever done that…



Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


That sounds awesome!


Here’s an updated and extended version… next is to work on the EQ…


It sounds very cool! Do they have a ‘humanize’ function on the instruments? I think some variation on hit volume on drums and bells could help it seem more realistic. You could also do some ‘ducking’ on the music when the vocal is happening, which will vary the level of the music plus feature the vocal. More dynamic. Also, there’s quite a bit of energy in my subwoofer, which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. It probably won’t show up as much on small speakers anyway.


Thanks, I shall mix it properly soon… and there is a humanize function… will play around with all that stuff. There are also some CC values I need to fiddle more with regarding the strings…