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Hi, I’m Kyle

I just found out a few days ago that RecordingReview is no longer being supported :cry:
Brandon (along with others on his forum) was a HUGE help to me when I was getting started 10 years ago. The “Bash This Mix” forum, as it was then called, was especially helpful.

I haven’t interacted on RR as much recently, but still considered it my “go to” source for advice on things I hadn’t figured out yet (which is a LOT of stuff, learning this business mostly by trial and error), Cubase’s less-intuitive features, gear choices, mic placements, mixing tips, etc. I will miss it.

Is it okay to ask what happened?

Anyway, I’m not sure how often I’ll be on here, but I’ll try to be a visible (and hopefully helpful) presence from time to time. Thanks for doing this (whoever you are behind the curtain)!



Welcome @kyleknapp ! Glad you made the journey. A little bit different setup compared to over there , but you will be cruising along in no time. Shout if need help. If you are interested, there is a mix competition:

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Hey Kyle! great to have you here!
To answer your question, Brandon had moved on to other ventures. I believe he opted to pursue electrical engineering? Unfortunately, none of us have been able to successfully contact him and the site has been having increasing problems, so we opted to start fresh. A lot of the community is here and I think you’ll find that same familiar helpfulness here :wink:


Welcome Kyle!..

A while ago now, Brandon walked away from RR and left it running to pursue electrical engineering. Without anyone maintaining it, it slowly started grinding to a halt.

When email notifications stopped a couple of months back, it strongly signalled RR’s inevitable impending demise so Bryan ‘Holster’ Holst took the initiative to start up this site. He did an amazing job, so here we are!


Vote @holster for new cult leader ! What kind of kool-aide (cult juice) are you serving up in Oregan? (crosses fingers)…

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The only stuff they’re serving up (legally) around these parts is --> :maple_leaf::dash: (leaf should be green though, lol)

I suppose that would be in line with some cults though.

Welcome Kyle! Do stick around, the things you liked about RR will be happening here too.

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Hello Kyle!