Another attempt at riffy instrumental metal

Hi all. Back with a new instrumental. I was having trouble keeping this one coherent. I kinda feel like the “happy” part (2:17) doesn’t belong here but I liked the riff too much to let it go. What do you think? Also, as usual I’m happy to know what you guys think about the overall mix. Cheers :beer:

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I don’t really have much to offer in terms of technically evaluating a mix but I can tell you that in my opinion your happy part works for me. It broke the song up and the change kept it fresh which can certainly be a challenge in instrumentals! I like the tones and playing is really tight. Sorry, not much help I suppose but I like it!


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Just a question from a very old man. Are you actually playing this on a guitar? the sound to me would work perfectly in a movie situation. I can just see a conflict:) :slight_smile:

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@Pirrie08 Hey! glad you like it. No worries, I am not much of a help either when it comes to technical stuff. Either it sounds good or it doesn’t haha

@feaker Hi paul. Thanks for checking out my stuff.

I LOLed when I first read this. I’ll take it as your way of saying “the guitars are so tight they sound artificial”, so thank you. But yes, the guitars are real. I do a lot of editing though. For example, the opening riff was spliced from 2-3 takes. What your hear is the best of those takes. It is cheating, kinda. But the process isn’t sacred to me, the final product is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You are right. I thought to myself that I wish I was that good and could get “that” sound. I am going to have to try that technique of multiple takes and keeping the best one. I had my drummer come over with his ipad and had me listen to a song he made in garage band. The acoustic was ten times as good as anything I have ever recorded??? Thanks for getting back and congrats on your playing/production


Agreed, the ‘happy’ bit works here just fine!

Great tight playing and the song remained interesting throughout. Nice!

Amen, brother!

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Wow man. I’ve been stalking your work at soundcloud and damn I’m lovin all of em. I love how you write riffs. Any tips for us earthlings when it comes to song writing and arranging? :slight_smile: Also what drums do you use for these songs? GGDMM maybe? :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks a lot Brian! I am trying to get an EP done but my job has been crazy lately.

Tips? man, I don’t even understand what I am doing sometimes :joy:

If I were to describe my riff/songwriting process, it would be just trial and error with a sprinkle of music theory. Like every other person, I also “borrow” ideas from whatever music I consumed. Like the gallop in the verse riff (0:23) is straight up ripping off Meshuggah’s bleed lol.

I am using EZdrummer 1 Metal Machine for all of the songs. I have actually been wanting to try GGD since its release. But right now I rather spend time writing the EP than adapting to new toys.

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yes you are right. I feel you with the “new toys” thing. sometimes it is harder to focus in music writing when youre too busy learning a plugin. I clouds the ideas and channels the enery to “tweaking”. I love your music and how you arrange them. Mixing wise, I think you’re on the right track coz it sounds awesome. You’ve clearly managed to marry the drums and the bass. Low end in your mixes is SOLID. Cheers man and congrats. I’m looking forward to hearing you new material. Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

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