I’m pleased to announce to you the Final 4 for the 1st IRD mix contest. There were some VERY close ones on this round. Congrats to all!

Your Final 4…



Congratulations to all, great sounding mixes!!


Nice job all :beerbang:



In case anyone is as thick as I am and wondering how to listen to these mixes, this is what I finally figured out: Right-click on the “@name” and open in new tab to open their profile page. Under “Activities” you will find a “Topics” section. Click on that and their Manic Mix should be a topic they started…

If there’s a better/quicker way, please let me know.

Oh! And a hearty congrats to all who made the top selections!


I also loved VirtechStudios’s mix the best.

well done everyone!


Thanx asafsweet, it means the world to me :slight_smile:


You could also go to the Manic Mix-Off section and open their threads… but you should have to remember who’s who and their topic names :stuck_out_tongue:


Big congrats! I’m in the middle of moving house, so I can’t give your mixes a good listen now, but hopefully soon. I’m organizing my new studio room and the plan is to take proper acoustic measurements and install treatment appropriately. I hope it will allow me to make better mixes that translate well. I can’t wait for the next contest!


Is there a timeline (deadline) for concluding the contest? Just wondering. I remember how Brandon used to drag these things out, and I don’t expect that for this one, but IIRC it’s been two months now since mixes were submitted for final review. And 3+ weeks for the Final 4 to be evaluated by the judges. Is it a hard decision? :blush: No pressure, just asking the question. :grin:

I don’t know if there is anything like this planned, but a collective review by the judging team of what the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Final 4 mixes were could be an enlightening and educating experience, if published. (also might help with deciding :wink:)


yeah. this is bullshit

how about
Contests are 1 month then judging takes 1 week. When the judging starts the next contest starts.