Man, I can’t tell you guys enough just how tough some of these mixes were to judge. We had some VERY difficult calls to make. Keep in mind, this was done tournament style. We took the overall rankings based on community voting and placed them in this format…

1 vs 16
2 vs 15
6 vs 11

Based on past experience from the old Recording Review days, this makes for some fun times for judges and contestants. You end up with some surprises, but it also makes things really challenging for everyone. In light of that, just know that if you didn’t make the Elite 8, it wasn’t because your mix wasn’t awesome. We had some EXTREMELY close votes. You should all be quite proud of the work you did. And keep in mind, the winner of the judging may or may not be the ultimate prize winner(s). :wink:

Here are our Elite 8


Again, some awesome work was done by all you guys. Keep up the good work and good luck to our Elite 8!! :beerbang:


Congrats all, some nice work for sure! :beerbang:


Congrats guys! I didn’t make it to the 8, but I’m inspired to mix more and learn more! Many thx for the contest:)


@CosmicSea, you did a great a job, and there will be more contests to come. :wink:


Exactly! That’s the right attitude and that’s why we are all here in the first place :slight_smile:

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Congrats to the top 8! Even though I did not make it to the top 8, I am very proud to have been in the top 16. Thanks for making the contest. It has inspired me to learn more and improve my mixing!

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You did a great job BengtS, and congrats for making it to the sweet 16 :slight_smile:

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I’m honored to have made the 8! Thanks for all the guys

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Yes, congrats all! Late-comer here - I but am looking forward to going through and listening to the mixes. It was a challenging song!

PS. Is there a “quick” way to find the mixes in the running here? Is there any way the “elites” could have their mixes posted up top so we can listen to them in one spot? …or am I just being lazy?

I meant to add the mixes to the announcement post, but I didn’t. It’s my bad :wink: