Announcement. Community ranking and mix "bashing" for the Manic Mix Off ends on Tuesday!

Just a heads-up for all that are participating in the Manic Mix-Off. We’ll wrap up the community judging portion on Tuesday and begin the final rounds of judging shortly after. Thanks to all that have participated so far. It was a success and I’m really excited for us to host more of these in the very near future!


nice contest holster, keep on doing this as many times as possible !!!

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That is the plan!! :+1:


Tuesday 2/7/17? …tomorrow…! Shit-al-mighty!

Too soon?

No, just in time for the next one!

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Fun times! Can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:

an idea to brainstorm.

a variation of this contest. Take a MEMBERS recorded tracks and have a mix contest off of THOSE.

Maybe even turn it into 2 contests in one. A contest where we send our songs in to be picked for the 2nd part which is the mix off contest of whichever song wins part 1. Perhaps limited to those who dont make a living or significant income doing this.

perhaps make basic guidelines such as:

  1. only 5 total drum tracks
  2. 1 lead vocal plus 1 bgv or harmony
  3. 3 instruments at any 1 time plus bass (gtr, keys, solo, bass…or…2 gtrs, keys, bass, or whatever)

Why? to help us all answer these questions and others

  1. is it my mics and equipment holding me back?

  2. are my recorded tracks any good? (does my engineering suck?)

  3. what would my song sound like with a pro mix?

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Some good ideas for sure! And the majority of the contests we host here will have been recorded by a member here, so we’re already making that part happen. I like the idea of laying down a set of guidelines for the recording process too. Maybe offer up a couple challenges. I’ll do some thinking. Thanks!!