[ANNOUNCEMENT] Boz Digital Labs | Manic Mix-off | WINNERS

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Boz Digital Labs | Manic Mix-off | WINNERS


First of all, I want to thank all of you that have participated in this contest. It was the very first contest that we’ve conducted here and it was a success and gave some ideas of how we can do future contests.
Thank you to those that took the time to mix the song and enter your mix. Many of you did a fantastic job, which made judging rather challenging and fun. Great work by all!
It is my hope that you all learned from the process and learned from each other in this contest. It is a big reason why we want to host these contests. If you learned anything that you plan to use as you work on future mixes, then we consider it a huge success and we’d love to hear about it!
Also, thank you to everyone for your patience as we’ve worked through the judging process. Since it was the very first contest on new software, we took the opportunity to work through the best process and also worked with everyone’s schedule etc. We’ve come up with some ways that should make future contests much smoother. I’m thankful to everyone that helped with judging and also to the entire community for participating in the “bashing” and advice that was offered. You all rock!

Finally, thank you to @ColdRoomStudio and Why Wait (the band) for providing a great song for us to use. And thank you to @bozmillar for the great plugins that we could award to the winners. You both made this contest possible!

I expect to see some reviews on here from the winners!!!

Without further adieu, here are our winners

Random entry winner (selected from the entries and mix comments) of the Rusty Frets Guitar Shop $40 gift certificate goes to: @Tim

Runner Up - The winner of the Boz Digital Labs - The Wall Limiter plugin
Great mix!! Congratulations!!!

Grand Prize - Winner of the Boz Digital Labs - Manic Compressor plugin
Not only did @VirtechStudios have a great mix, he also contributed a lot of good info to the other entrants in the contest. That added up to the most points and a well deserved win. Congratulations!!!

For those that won, please contact me via PM and I’ll make the arrangements :thumbsup:
Again, thank you to everyone involved! Keep an eye out for the next contest… :eyes:


Congratulations @VirtechStudios!
Congratulations @samkshaw and @Tim




Congrats to the winners!! Great work folks.




It was also the really first contest on IRD :smile:

Congrats to all who help getting this thing possible :beerbang:


Wow what an honor! I never thought I would get this far, I feel blessed :slight_smile: A big thank you to all who participated, to guys who made all of this happen @holster @ColdRoomStudio @bozmillar (and all the judges whoever you are), and congratulations to @samkshaw and @Tim. Hope everyone involved benefited in one way or another, learned a ton of new stuff, made themselves better mixers, and had a blast, that’s what this thing is really all about. Can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:


Truly honored! Big congrats to all who participated, and especially to @VirtechStudios on the win! Thanks to all who made the contest possible.




Congrats guys !


Congratulations @VirtechStudios @samkshaw and @Tim


good job to all


Nice job everyone!! Great to see so many people involved.