Announced on IRD Twitter Feed?

Announced on IRD Twitter Feed?
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Hey @cptfiasco, this has not been announced on the IRD Twitter feed. Are you gonna? If not, I will.


Do you have an image we can use for the Twitter announcement, @Cristina?


@cptfiasco has the twitter login, or I would’ve shared it. lol. No worries if he’s too busy. We can always make one ourselves and share it.


We have a twitter feed?



I also have the login credentials but since he was the one who took lead on Twitter, I wanted him to have first shot at it. I am logged into our Twitter now.


I just followed us, because I just joined twitter.


Never mind. My account’s been suspended.


Hahahahahaha. You gotta give it a few days before you start posting your explicit selfies. :stuck_out_tongue:


They say they want my phone number to confirm my account and make sure I’m good, that is uncool.
Edit, I just put on the link. Click at your own risk.

All I said was... (Don't click the arrow if you're a kid, or sensitive)


I don’t twitter :laughing:


Can I use your phone number to reactivate my account then? Ha, I don’t trust those corporate overlords.


You’re not missing much… other than Trump’s ramblings.


I waited 24 hours. Now it’s been Tweeted.


Look here. (edited to remove staff link) it has login info/password and my personal # that I used to start it up, in case you need it.


Thanks @cptfiasco! I totally forgot you had posted that!
I hope all is well for you. It’d be awesome to see you around on here some more again :beerbanger:


Bryan added a perverts section just for us. Come on my back, I mean come back!


A couple of people have really upset me this week… you are more than welcome to have their phone numbers!


It’ll be Mwgabe’s next!