Angel Cry [2023 remix]

An old track written back in 2013 that got pulled off the shelf and given a fresh lick of paint.


Two words. Holy crap!!! The visual sucks you in with THAT sound. Programed lightning strikes to some of the guitar licks would have been cool. You are now sayig SERIOUSLY out loud right now.
You, Andy, and aaron have produced some amazing rock tracks. Many should be on the radio. wow…congrats

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Hey there Paul, thanks for the feedback mate, much appreciated. Agreed 100%, there’s some very talented cats on here, your good self included who deserve way more exposure than they currently have.

It’s funny you say that, there’s a couple of spots where it almost accidentally lines up like that and the thought did cross my mind. Unfortunately my video editing skills are rudimentary at best, and I wasn’t really sure how to pull it off without ruining the continuity of the moving clouds. Cheers.

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Hey Terry, this is awesome! Really catchy tune with great drive and punch! Loving your guitar tones on this…Out of curiosity, what are you using in terms of guitars and amps etc? Great stuff - thanks for sharing!

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Hey cheers Andrew.

I can tell from how the raw files were named at that time (2013) I was still recording with a Korg D3200 desk, so it’s all DI guitars using the onboard amp sim within the Korg, and I was playing a custom Les Paul Blacktop right around that time that I’d built myself. It had a real nice tone, but I’ve sadly let go of that particular gat now sniff sniff.
Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated.


Wow, you built it yourself? Kudos! That’s a lovely guitar!

It really was, unfortunately I needed the money at the time. It was bought by a dude here in Aus so if by some miracle you ever see it around the place for sale let me know. I’d love to buy it back.

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I’ll keep an eye out, for sure!

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Great tune, love everything about it. The only thing I could find that I noticed is the guitar, which seems to be more to the right side, just seems a little low in volume. Great work, worth getting getting it back out.

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Thanks James, yeah even now that I’ve made some significant improvements to it’s previous iteration I’m still hearing things that could be fine-tuned in the mix, the guitar balance being one for sure.
Thanks mate.