Andrew Scheps Records and Produces a Track

Here’s another inspiring video I came across - Andrew Scheps recording and producing a song at Rockfield Studios:

…and here’s Tchad Blake mixing it:


Really enjoyed these thanks… particularly enjoyed Tchad Blake’s take on mixing… wooh, what a lot of plug-ins… I loved the way he talks about the ‘flavour’ of the mix rather than a specific exact science. It’s a philosophy I can understand, many tutorial type videos lose me but this really made sense… :slight_smile: Some cool ideas from these, reminding me of tricks I’d forgotten. Will be checking out more of Tchad’s videos too…

Watching the band in the studio always reinforces to me what a hard job we solo band/producer/mixer dudes have… Imagine if all you had to do was play one instrument or just sing… haha…


I think that’s such an important point, it’s almost becoming lost knowledge how valuable it can be to have a person there who just needs to worry about being the best drummer they can be, someone else who just needs to worry abut recording the drummer in the best way they know how, someone else who just needs to worry about the overall sound of the record etc…

It’s impossible to be all those people at once, so doing it all yourself is a fundamentally different proposition. Probably why the solo album I decided would take 3 months is still rumbling on, 15 months later…

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Thanks for the videos. I will check them out this afternoon!

If it makes you feel better, I started my album in the fall of 2006.

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I need to get back to this to watch later. How can I tag it?

EDIT: found it! Bookmarks. Nice! :slight_smile:

ahhh bookmarks… grand idea… thanks! :star2:

!?!?!?! What???

2:37 - Did Andrew Schoeps say he moved his console to that studio?? OMG! - to disassemble one of those from one location and install it in another is a nightmare from frickin hell. What am I missing?

…gotta get to a gig…I’ll watch the rest of the video later tonight.

These are super fun videos to watch. Thanks for sharing these :slight_smile:

He’ll have a tech or two to do the tear down/ set up at either end, and the desk will have its own flightcase so the entire thing can be shoved into an ATX case and put in the hold of a plane, I’d have thought.

Yes he moved all his gear from the US to Uk .He lives in UK now .

I know a couple of Midlands UK bands that have done records in that studio (not with Sheps, mind…), they always come out sounding sickeningly professional.

So many big bands have recorded there over the years.