...and the winner is

...and the winner is


@redworks is the winner of the mix contest. Congratulations! Check your PM.

@evildrumology is our random winner and will receive an Amazon gift card. Check your PM as well.

Thanks to @holster for hosting this site and making this mix contest possible. Thanks to @bozmillar for supplying the winner with your Imperial Delay plugin. Finally, thanks to those who submitted and entry and those who offered their input in the mix bashes.


Congratulations !!!


And thanks for the opportunity!!!


Congrats to all the winners.


Wow. I am really honored to be chosen for this. Thank you for this honor and for all of the helpful feedback that has made this a great learning time. An especially big thanks to @BigAlRocks, @holster and @bozmillar for making it happen.


Congrats Eric!


Congrats Eric, well done! And be proud @974dB , yours was a really cool approach to the mix.


Way to go Eric!! :+1::notes::level_slider::trophy::1st_place_medal::crown:


Congrats Eric !!!


Congratulations! :+1:


Congrats @redworks!

Thank you @Miked, kind words appreciated.

Thanks again for the contest @BigAlRocks, @holster, and @bozmillar.

See you soon everybody.