And now for something completely different... the Teapot Song!

I’m experimenting again…
If you can bear to listen I’d love to get some feedback on this tender love song…



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Reminds me of a very British children’s song, the piano at least. The melody is too dark to fit that mold though, making it unique. Especially the downtuned vocal that acts as a double to your lead vocal, too creepy for the kiddos. Sounds pretty good, especially the sound effects. I like the whimsical laughing, adds a European vibe. Very British, kiwi.

Reminds me of this Spinal Tap song, “Cups and Cakes”.

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So awesome! I’m loving this song :beerbanger:

Mixwise, I’d love to hear more of that upright bass. There is a woody character/tone of an upright bass that needs to shine in my opinion. I think you’ll find it somewhere in the upper mids if you scan around in there. I think it’d add to the whimsicality of the song. :slight_smile:

Another great song!

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If you can’t find that frequency, repeat the identical track and cut all the lows out until all you’re hearing on the second track is the clicking and finger noise (depending on what you’re using to create it). Then blend that with the original track (just raise/lower level of second eqd bass so that you cut all the lows right up to where all it sounds is click, wood noise fret noise.
It does depend on the quality of the VST as to how good the noises/clicks are (I use Trilian which is superb).
I use this trick because, bizarrely, it raises the presence of the bass without increasing the volume of it in the mix, and it helps the bass cut through better.


Sounding good…very clever!..

Overall, there is a boxiness about the mix, though - to my ear, a bit too much of a buildup in the 400-600hz range - kind of tends to make things sound a bit congested in the mids.

I agree with @Midge’s comments about the bass - I couldn’t really hear the bass when I listened on my small speakers at work.

Good to hear some actual creativity, recording and mixing taking place on IRD! :thumbsup:


Hi friend. You are one crazy lady. That piano is sooo clear. I cranked this up and Roz said " That is Emma isn’t it"?

The little giggles and aaah’s are the best. The mix sounds good to me, but I am not good at the fine stuff. I absoulutely love this little ditty. I wish I lived closer. Not the bum part, but i would enjoy the visit and tea.



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Thanks for checking this out cpf… it’s a bit of nonsense for sure and cool that you heard that downtuned vox thingie - I was playing with Guitar Rig fx… I had this idea of squeaky bright clean Julie Andrews with zombies… but sort of subtle zombies :crazy_face: I laughed at myself so much while I was singing it I decided to leave some of them in…

Thanks holster - yeah you are definitely right… it’s a real flaw of mine, I so often totally overlook the bass sounds… I really don’t listen to them much in a mix and have to sort of force myself to pay attention and yep… now I really listen, they are um a little lacking, I was too caught up in the frills on top, will check this out ta!!

Cool, thanks Midge… yeah, as I said to Bryan, I had overlooked the bass towards the end… I’ve had this song hanging around for literally years and just decided to finish it and yeah… going to re-visit that bass for sure - thanks!! I know that I did spend quite a long time on it but in the flurry of finishing the mix it has lost its presence. ta.

Cool… thanks Andrew! I did wonder about posting this nonsense here but the mix didn’t feel quite ‘right’ and once again, this place has been a wonderful help. The song has been hanging around in my infamous Parking Zone for years and the trouble with pulling it back out again is I can lose a sense of perspective. I get caught up in the tricksy sound effects and yeah, I hear that bass now… :roll_eyes: and the boxiness is always a risk with me using too many tricks and not enough EQ discipline hehehe… I did have fun with Guitar Rig on that vocal. I will definitely play around some more, thanks heaps for checking this out.

yay… thanks Paul!!!
Yeah funny thing, I wrote this song many years ago when I was at a weekend workshop that was supposed to be super serious and deeply meaningful about life-the universe-everything and I suddenly became overwhelmed by irreverent silliness. Hard to imagine eh? [grin] And instead of singing a deeply meaningful zen like chant to the group I spontaneously sang the Teapot Song… it was a powerful thing and I was in deep trouble… so funny! Some ‘serious and meaningful’ folk just don’t have a sense of humour haha… I just wanted to capture that zany feel, with shadows… I’d done those vocals a couple of years back so just filled in some oohs and other sounds and let the computer do the rest. Then when I’m older and more batty I can laugh at myself!!

Thanks heaps guys!!! Really appreciate it… I’m working on a series of ‘Cautionary Tales’ and they have a combination of sound effects incorporated into the mix so I am keen to get the best results that I can with this silliness! :beerbanger:


I wish I’d offered better advice for the piano, but I don’t have extensive experience with mixing the piano. Maybe I should start honing in my piano mixing skills?

hehe… you honeboy you… :smile:
I’m caught up in a fizzy weekend, did record some non-accented vox but was in a hurry on my zoom mic and screwed up the volumes but I veel do dees layda…
and as for piano mixing on this silly song, yeah, the more I think about it, the more I realise I was caught up in my own silliness and not really thinking about mixing… duh… but I am going to make myself concentrate more… I will I will… I will not be sidetracked by silly sounds… hmmm if I say this often enough it will work… my new zen mantra… back to work I’d better go…