And even heavier heavier

Finished a first-pass of this. Not sure when I’ll get back to it so I figured I’d post for you fine people to beat it up.

A little background for the nerds in the audience… as usual not recorded by me or for a client. Band is Binary Code and the song is called “707”. I re-amped all the guitars and bass… because I could! Guitars are a blend of the new Neural DSP Omega plugin, and the direct out of my Klirrton Grindstein pedal (sent into an IR in Cubase). The Omega is nice and metal-y, and the Grindstein adds a bit of the glorious old-school chainsaw death metal tone. The clean and lead guitars at the end are through the Neural DSP Plini plugin. For the bass, I’m running 4 tracks, the DI which is providing the sub content, a track run through a Darkglass B7K which is blended with a track run through a Brainworx Ampeg sim for some anger, and a 4th track through a different Ampeg sim for the “Clean” section. Plenty of delays automated in and out to try and make it move a bit on top of the jackhammer drums. Ran one of the vocal tracks through a Caroline Kilobyte pedal… it’s got this super cool regeneration function that drives the delay out of control and sounds pretty fun!

I’m experimenting with clipping the master bus… never done it before, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Found this really cool clipper that also saturates/distorts a bit and thought it sounded pretty rad. The flip side being it’s one of the least dynamic mixes I’ve ever done, but it actually kinda suits it I think.


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Wouldn’t mind hearing m ore snap on the snare and maybe more bite on the guitars, maybe make some room for the bass to poke out, can’t hear it in this mix.

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ooh, yum.

I think the clipping is a bit overdone. A little clipping on that master is good, especially on distorted music, but there’s a line you cross where it starts to make it sound weaker, and I feel like this crossed that line. Then again, I’ve heard plenty of commercially released songs that I feel have crossed that line as well.

That bass at 18 seconds feels like it could have a little more growl to it. On headphones, it’s hard to hear. On a setup with subs, you can definitely hear/feel the bass, but without the sub, the bass almost disappears.

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again … loved it! definitely brings back some memories of days long forgotten (on purpose lol)
anyway… great grit and delivery.
in the unclean section, the Vocals could use something like a non linear summer or similar to get a bit more grit and drive. Probably want to keep them a bit drier .

In the clean section, the left right delays on the vocals could use a high pass as they are sounding a bit damp ( unless the boxed in mono megaphone type sound was the idea) . They are also adding up and clipping a bit more than needed perhaps for the clean section.

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Thanks for everyone’s comments! I’ll put this in the to-do list for some revisions and re-post at some point

Really nicely done, Blair. I’m liking the kick. You nailed it!