Analyze volume/loudness changes in Reaper or Cubase

Anyone know how to do this (i.e see how the volume or loudness of a track changes over time with fader set to 0)?
I.e say I have this track:

Yeah, I can take a look to get some idea of how the volume changes, but it doesn’t tell me any numbers and it is too fine - I want some kind of integrated/windowed volume over time, so I can see the kind of average changes I guess.
Is that possible? I know there are functions to get average loudness of the whole track - now thats too coarse grained! Can I average it over every second or something and see a curve?

I’ve never had to do this, and I’m curious to see how others answer. Just out of curiosity, what do you want an average volume to tell you? What for?

Do you mean without using a plugin? I have iZotope Insight. I haven’t dug into it much yet, but I just took a quick look at the manual and found this:

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for? There might be other plugins that can do this sort of thing as well. But you do have to play the track through it to get the information. It would be cool to just see it displayed automatically in REAPER or something though. Seems like it should be possible, if it knows enough to generate the waveform in the first place. Not sure though.

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The Youlean loudness meter is a free download and is quite good:

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