An old one, “Metal Gods”, Judas Priest, any thoughts?

This one is also about 11 years old, from 2012. Classic song. I really tried to emulate their sound effects myself (which they did in studio) - i.e. “Foley”. Fun song. I think I did a decent version. I may not have mastered this one. This was also probably done in Pro Tools, not Reaper.

Reference mix:

:metal: Did you bust out the silverware trays for this one!?!? Cool song and cool cover!

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I sure did! An interview I read described their process in the studio (an English mansion IIRC, Tittenhurst?, Ringo Starr’s old place?). They dropped silverware trays on a metal kitchen table for the Metal Gods stomping feet at the end. I did mine on a tile floor, with a close mic on the adjacent carpet.

For the “bam” sounds in the intro, they had hit some sheet metal with some object IIRC, with lots of compression and reverb. I took a thunder clap sound from my field recordings, and did about the same thing.

I’m glad you liked it!