An old one, "Dogs", Motorhead, any thoughts?

I did this about 11 years ago. Just putting something out there.
The vocals and guitar solo could be tweaked, but bass and drums were alright IMO.


The reference mix:

Love the guitar tone, it sounds great from where I’m sitting. Vocals and bass are badass. There’s some weird phasing issues going on with the drums, particularly noticeable on the snare which is a little off putting, to my ears anyway.
I think with a bit of tweaking and some balancing in the mix you could finish this off and have it sounding just as good as the original.

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Ha, thanks! It was an honor to try to emulate Lemmy.

I guess the drums are a bit formulaic. I’m not ever sure what plugin I used for that.

I hadn’t even thought about ‘mastering’ this, but I suppose it’s something I could try. The bass is really forward in the intro, and the vocals could have more distortion (dirt) on them. Good suggestion, I may try that.

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Stan the Man the radical side. Love it. Never heard this song or band before.
I was just playing along with it and noticed it was in G sharp. I was thinking why would a group select a key that high. It’s a ball breaker for sure. I just did it in falseto, but could never do it straight up like you did. Reminded me back then of born on the bayou I sang. That first note was G sharp too.
Great vibe and I bet it was fun for you to knock out. Might be the first time I heard you perform to this degree. Good on you.
Not to start a political thangy, but check out the lyrics and storyline of a song I posted a couple weeks ago called “take a leave from crazy”. good to see you on the forum bud

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I was never a metal fan so I can’t really help with this but it sounds like you’re definitely in the ball park here Stan. I think some careful mix work could make these two quite close, although I can’t really tell you exactly what would work for that. I guess I’d try some saturation etc. on the vocals and then play with the overall space for the rest. Terry is better with the drum sound.

But it sounds good as is!

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Motörhead was kind of a pioneer, revered by bands such as Metallica etc.

The band are often considered a precursor to the new wave of British heavy metal, which re-energised heavy metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Their song “Dogs” isn’t as well known as some of their other songs, but it’s always been my favorite.

I do remember it being in an unusual key, but haven’t played it in years. I certainly was singing in my upper range, and wasn’t able to inject as much ‘grit’ into my voice as Lemmy did.

Thanks! I posted this on RecordingReview back in the day, along with a bunch of other songs. I have a decent catalog of songs from back then, if I add them all up. Just not very prolific the last few years, but wanting to get back into the game.

I just checked it out, and yeah similar sounds to The Weight. We could write about craziness all day long these days, can’t we? I guess I have been absent for a few weeks here. Trying to catch up.

“Dogs” is maybe a quite political song, though it kind of speaks to the whole human race. If the politicians are Dogs, well who votes them into office? We do! I think he’s speaking about the globalist Kabal parasites too, though as any good song will do, there is a lack of specifics and leaving it up to your interpretation.

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Thanks Ingo! From the file name of the track, I’d say I already mastered this, but I could always go back and remaster it and change some things. I’m sure this was back in my Pro Tools days before I switched to Reaper, so unless I can find the original session and tracks I may only have the MP3 to work with. So I don’t know if I can saturate just the vocals, but that’s a good idea. Thanks for your thoughts!

0:56 the turnaround there seem to be some minor tuning issues with guitars.

I was expecting the dirty bass, i.e. Lemmy’s trademark.

Drums are mixed way too high, especially the kick sound, not a fan of that one.
Cover is done well, minus some occasional vocal issues (tuning, delivery).

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I’m guessing the chord progression kept going up the neck, and that chord was maybe high on the neck, so not tuned as tight as the open strings etc. I also might have bent the strings a bit while playing it.

For some reason I guess I decided to not have dirty bass on the intro, even though the original does. I’m pretty sure, and I think you can hear the difference as it gets into the song, that I added saturation/distortion to the bass with an automated “Unbypass” on those type of plugins. The bass tone sounds significantly different in the body of the song IMO. But it’s been many years. I’m only going on memory.

They do seem to have the kick kind of buried, but a very dominant snare. So my drum sound overall didn’t come very close to the original. Using a drum plugin might have brought in issues and limitations. I’m pretty sure at that time I would have been using the Pro Tools “Strike” drum plugin (which never seemed to gain wide popularity AFAIK).

Yes, I was certainly aware that my voice gets strained in some places, trying to hit the higher notes. It wasn’t the easiest thing to try to sing, but I find that accepting the challenge at least helps me learn things about my voice and its capabilities.

Thanks for weighing in!

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Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed it!

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Wasn’t familiar with this particular song, but you did a great job emulating Lemmy! Good one!

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Thanks! I now see some things I could have done a little differently, but at the time I was pretty proud of it. It was a lot of fun!