An earlier release re-released SOB

An earlier release re-released SOB


A lot of discussions have come up surrounding the loudness war, the perception of loudness and LUFS and such.
I ain’t so savvy in this department and have to Google almost everything.
In my comparison portion to learning and experimenting, I have gained dynamics and my sound pressure has increased but I feel like my material is but a whisper next to everyone else’s still.
I understand that “loudness” can’t just be added, it has to be blended in, so to speak.

My example for the Bash, “SOB”, is my most recent remix and remaster. I was expecting it to get zero response in the favourability market but have been pleasantly surprised I wasn’t burned at the stake for it, lol

Anyways… always open for discussion and the receiving of your wisdom.


Ha. I enjoyed that. My biggest complaint is that things are stepping all over each other. The background vocals are easier to understand than the main vocals. I wouldn’t say you should remove anything because I think every track you have in here is serving its purpose and doing it well, but I think you need to be very careful about which element you have taking the spotlight.

Actually, the only thing I’d say isn’t adding much is the guitar. I think the song would work better if the guitar completely dropped when the vocals were going and only played during the vocal breaks.


It’s a great crew around here. You’ll have to step up your game if you’re hoping to get burned at the stake :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the tune, I’m digging it! I agree with @bozmillar that the secondary vocals seem to interfere with the lead and affect the intelligibility, but I really like the vibe you gave this. This tune reminds me of Talking Heads quite a bit. Good stuff! :beerbanger:


This is a really cool song idea.

I like the discordant notes and the groove.
As Boz said, everything you have is in the right spot and it serves the song. I think it’s just a matter of getting stronger sounds but even now it’s very entertaining.

The mix can probably be improved by making it more 3D. You have lots of sounds that you can pan, add delays or effects to. I’d like to hear the lead vocal to come up a bit and have the other vocals brought down in volume at certain times in the song.

The guitar sounds a bit bland. Maybe pan it a bit more to one side. It sounds panned already but I would try it panned even further. Maybe try EQing some brightness into the guitar also.

Nice work. I like the style!


Wow, that’s interesting! If Frank Zappa had a modern day home studio it might have sounded like this. I like the blend of instruments, particularly the double bass synth combo. And for once I don’t agree with a (part of) Boz’s bash: I like the way “things are stepping all over ach other”! It’s very clever the way all these rhythms work together. But yes, the lead vocal does need to be more up front in relation to the other two. It’s just a mixing thing I guess. Not sure about the guitar either. I do think it serves a purpose, but I’m not sure I like the sound. It just might not be nearly as clever as the other instruments :sunglasses: Another much more clever riff maybe? Another sound?
Great song though. Not what you hear on any radio these day’s and that’s a pity.


PS it’s loud enough for me!