An Album's Worth of Multitracks &/or Stems to Mix/Remix/Remaster!

All of the raw multitracks and processed main stems are now available as bonus content when you purchase my latest album: FytaKyte’s “Meandersaur”: Get “Meandersaur” by FytaKyte here

If you would like a free sample of the multitracks, the first track “Bitter” is available here

Two more tracks, “Life Gets In The Way” and Outa Control" will soon also be available for free on the Cambridge MT Multitrack Library.

For any who have already purchased the album, if you would like access to the mutitracks/stems, PM me some proof of purchase and I’ll send you the links.


That’s fantastic Andrew - sign me up! These days, I’m finding a great way for me to really dissect and digest a song is to mix it. I love the Cambridge site - what an amazing resource. It’s a good time to be a basement audio nerd. :nerd_face: Thanks for making these available!

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You’re most welcome - enjoy!

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