Ampeg BA110 v2

Just ordered one of these to hone my bass playing skills, so I don’t have to play though Cubase and Native instruments all the time. Had the option to buy a used Fender Rumble 100 V1 for a much lower price, but thought this was the better option - for several reasons.

Have had time to test the new amplifier. I’m glad I got this one. All I need to do now is learn to play…


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A Fender Rumble would do the job, but the Ampeg name always grabs my attention. :slightly_smiling_face: I use a GK Backline 110 for a bass practice amp.

Just curious, what reasons caused you to swing?

The reviews were overwhelmingly in favor of the Ampeg. The Rumble was also larger and it had those disco lights, which I don’t see the point of…

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I just learned a new Swedish word which seems to fit:
Lagom - “Not too little. Not too much. Just the right amount.”

In the States we call that The Goldilocks Zone. :grin:

Lagom is probably how the Swedish, once, balanced system mixing socialism and capitalism worked…
It is a conjunction of two words lag(et) om…
Laget means “the team,” or “the group”.
Om means “around” - for instance omkrets means circumference, and is comprised of om and krets, the om “around” krets “vicinity or region”

So, if you’re sitting sharing food in a pot around the team, that is passed on, you have to take “lagom” food, otherwise it won’t be enough “around the team” - lagom. You can’t take too much.
But you also do not want to take to little, as the last three or four blokes will then get more that the others.



Thanks, this Swedish lesson has been lagom. Just right. :slightly_smiling_face: