'Ambient' percussion - how to get this sound?

I often want a bit of light percussion to go along with a picked acoustic to give a song more movement.
There is a specific kind that I often hear on tracks - it sounds kind of like the clicking of an early camera (the kind that you hand to wind as you film).

For example, on this track it is most prominent from about 3:50 to the end:

Still hard to make out as it follows the rhythm of the acoustic but the very last sound of the track is a final ‘flap’ of the percussion sound.

Another similar sound which is much easier to make out, it starts from from 2:40 (again a lovely sufjan stevens track!):

How would you go about making such tracks? (any quick methods?)

Also any other tips for any kind of ‘ambient’ percussion in general - what kind of instruments/items are good for it? Or any VST or recording ‘tricks’ you can use to make some light percussive tracks?

Another example of a different kind of percussion, from about 43s, with also a much more prominent sound at 1:18 (is that just a rimshot?):

(Im not talking about the kick drum)

1st vid
Got the impression of a distorted steel drum or mandolin? Not sure got to go back to that one. (Track was heavy distorted in the vid)
2nd vid
Do not think this is conventional percussion, sort of wood block?
3rd vid
This was someone using drumsticks on something other then drums.

You would be surprised at that sounds one can make when you do not use standard instrument! Experiment with a field recorder and a pencil(or any object)

I have heard that sound before in acapella groups, I think its the sound of someone using a “thin” stick or a spatula to tap the leather on a piano bench.

Cool thats an interesting approach. It sounds like it must have been looped or at least quantized on the recording? It’s very regular/mechanical

yes I m sure. Most manual percussion are these days. I know I do it for clapping, snapping etc.