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New mix to bash

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  1. Really loud, had to turn it down so much I nearly turned it off. Its not Heavy Metal.

  2. Vocals all panned left with a dull (distorted?) top end.

  3. Kick drum is a little weird and tubby. look for good kick midrange in the overheads or room mics.

Its recorded live,i couldn’t do anything with that vocal to centre it.
Its not that loud

K will see if I can help.

I found the problem in the end and mixed again.Loosing focus with it now a bit,worked with it too much.Its just one of them tracks that is a struggle .Live recording dont help

The music mix sounds good and balanced to me. Now this is going to sound weird… but the vocal has this quality of someone singing into a microphone (as opposed to just hearing someone singing.) Maybe they were too close to the mic? I understand it was recorded live, so overall I think it sounds pretty good!

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Yeah he was too close to the mic and playing the drums at the same time .Cheers for the feedback,