All the same ,Metal mix

Not really mixed that much of this type stuff but enjoy having a go at it.
Please give it a bash and let me know if its crap or not .Cheers.

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Listening on an iPhone with “fancy” earbuds. This song is not rubbish. I didn’t hear anything that stood out as wrong or bad.

Nice one, thanks for having a listen and glad it sounds ok on buds

Hey Alan,

It’s sounds pretty good overall, with good clarity and nice spread over the frequency range. That said, something about the guitar sound bothers me a bit. Perhaps a bit too much in the 3-5k range from them? The guitars don’t connect as well to the low end of the mix as they could. I hardly ever need to recommend more low mids in mixes, but I think the guitars might need a little more here to give them a bit more “size”.

Great Job Mr Alan!
I have those same tracks and know how " bits n’ pieces" it is… :slight_smile: Kudos on getting a cohesive mix out of them. A few small niggles…
the rolling snare in the middle break is a little loud and steps on the vocals… maybe a little too up front as well.
there are a couple of actual words missing from the vocals. “That’s alright, just stay away…from me"
the 'from me” is cut off.
I’d also like to hear a little more depth and spread from the dirty guitars so they are not in the same space as the vocal. They didn’t eat the vocal too much in this case. But their main frequency emphasis is very close to that of the vocal…
Very good results, though… I couldn’t bash it any harder if I tried… :slight_smile:

Hi ColdRoomStudio Cheers for the listen. 3-5k range I did think that a bit myself at the time but was worried about clouding the bottom end. We live and learn .

Hi rjwillow. Cheers for the listen. Yes that rolling snare was a bit of a nightmare to sit in the mix too low it sounded wrong up louder it sounded wrong its just wrong lol.
I edited the vox in places because of noise I couldn’t rid.

Good mix. I would second Andrew’s take on the guitars but hey i like it a little dark. The vocals have come up a treat by the way.

Cool thanks always nice to hear good feedback .

I flanged and verbed the daylights out of that snare from what I remember. I’ll post it sometime soon

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