All Out Of Love, Air Supply 1980

“All Out of Love” is a song by British/Australian soft rock duo Air Supply, released as a single in 1980 from their fifth studio album Lost in Love. The song was written by Graham Russell and Clive Davis.

Dedicated to all the lovers and dreamers of our beautiful world.
Peace and love fill all your hearts, and spread the joy with all peoples!!!

This song is also dedicated to my lovely wife, Mimi. For her patience and loving understanding of all my faults and inability to communicate well. My heart and soul will always belong to you!!
Happy Birthday, My Love!!!

I can’t get the video to play. Seems like I’m having the same issue with all the YouTube video links.

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High notes are a slight stretch this time. ha ha It’s so hard to pick at you.
I was thinking yesterday as I was on my lawnmower that you could make some big bucks doing original songs for lovers and weddings. You know a guy says the wrong thing and instead of flowers, hires you to produce an appropriate message from just a description of that situation. Not sure if you get what i am saying. might be a big nitch there? Extra money to buy more guitars. tee hee

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Hey Mr W ya gotta click the arrow twice for some reason ?

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Hi Wicked,
Or click the “written title” on top left of the “video”.
Pls let me know if you still have no “joy”.

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Hi feaker,
I am 100% following what you are saying, and I want to do that!!!
Of course, having the reach and talent recognition are things we continue to work on.
I want to buy more guitars, hahahahaha.
Once you have the “name”, then the work begins.
But, “work” seems too bulky, I would say… the fun begins, hahahaha.
Ohhhh, dreaming is a beautiful thing… but the seeds are there, and Paul, you are the water!!! “If you build it, they will come”!!!
Thanks again.

Hey Rene, I still can’t get it to work. I’ll try checking it out through another device. It might just be a glitch with the iPad that I’m using. Thanks

Hey Paul, for some reason I’m unable to do that with my iPad. I’ll try again using my laptop.