All mine, long time no bash

All mine, long time no bash
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Well , its been a while, but I finally got a new track to bash. I’ve been having a lot of computer problems, which took up a lot of time.

You know the feeling you have after a couple of weeks of vacation: all rested and relaxed, you’re in some beautiful place feeling at peace with the world , with your loved ones, and you know the next day is the day you drive (or fly) back home . After that it’s back to the office (or wherever you work), into the darkness and cold of winter…
I wrote this song to remember this perfect moment, to take it with me and help me to get through winter.

When I play it live I get my audience to participate in the chorus (not something I’m prone to do very often, I tend to be the introvert type), but it usually works well. They love it :blush:
In the recording I did a lot of backing vocal takes (5 parts on 12 tracks? I’m not sure) . Wonder if that worked.

Anyway: please bash away!


Hey Evert - this has a great energy and optimism. I really love the acoustic guitar sound. Quirky vocal kind of reminds me a little of Ray Davies… Great syncopation & and a nice mix!



I am digging the groove. The vocal is sounding good. I find that the instruments are a bit of a muddy mess mix wise. I think some judicious eqing could help a lot.


Thanks guys for the compliments. Yes, on doing the car stereo test I also realised it was still pretty muddy. I think somewhere near the end of my mixing spree I decided to beef up the bass a bit and got stuck in the mud… ’
Ray Davies… haven’t heard that comparison before, but nothing to be ashamed of :sunglasses:


I like the general vibe, but as others have said it’s a bit muddy. I think if you can remove the mud and control the bass everything will sound great.