All I want for Christmas Is You…rock cover by me and my kids!

My kids wanted to make a rock cover of this song. Fun day-long project. This has my 19 yo son on drums, 15 yo son on piano, 11 yo daughter belting out the vocals, and me on guitars, bass, and backup vocals.

Definitely not perfect; super homemade, and super fun. A little pitchy here and there, but I didn’t want to mess up the raw sound with Autotune. So here it is! Enjoy and Merry Christmas…and a happy new year!


Love the intro, her vocals is so pure, so lovely.
All instrumentation is very nicely done.
Enjoying this production.
Merry Christmas to your whole family, @flyguitarfish !!!

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Thanks! Some adjustments to volume levels needed, I’ll try to update the track on this thread… but I’m working all day today through Friday so I’ll see what I can do. Always a good time making music with my kids!

Merry Christmas to you too! Keep those tunes coming, great stuff!

Sweet intro vox. ha ha love the way this took off. This is the best kinda fun. Enjoyed it alot. thanks

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I increased the volume a little for the intro and decreased the volume slightly on the main vocals during the heavy rock part. Getting a vocal to sit right in the mix is so hard for me. What do you all think of this mix? I’m trying to get a handle on why vocals will seem to sit right on headphones (closed back and open back) then sound too loud in my car and on my Bluetooth speakers. The never ending quest! Merry Christmas again everyone!

That’s what it’s all about! :slight_smile:
Actually, she’s sounding great! She’s going to be a solid vocalist as she gets older!

I’m listening from my laptop, but its translated well on there for what its worth :wink:

Cool, thanks. Still trying to figure out the best way to decide how to set the volume for vocals. I think hers could still go lower because they punch through so well in her higher register. Headphones vs monitors is a separate issue. I feel like vocals blend a little more on all the headphones I try. But they jump out listening on speakers/monitors.

The only thing that was standing out to me (well, considering my lack of bass on here) was that there is quite a bit stacked up in that upper mids area where the vocals, snare, and guitars are all battling it out. I’d be curious to see how it all looks in the 3-5k ballpark. On their own, I’m sure they’re each great, but stacked up, it’s feeling a tad congested to me. But again, laptop speakers :roll_eyes:

Did you ever happen to check out that SPAN plugin?

For those that haven’t, here’s the link…

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Having just listened to a couple other things, I’d take my suggestion with a grain of salt. I’m almost certain it’s this laptop. lol.

I mean, the upper mids thing. I’m still suggesting SPAN either way :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t had a chance, definitely will! In fact, I need to get your help with plugins in general because they seem to crash Ableton when I tell it to look for them. I only use a handful that don’t mess with it. Thanks Holst! Why haven’t we collaborated on a project yet?! Life is so busy.

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So fun! Love that all your kids were involved. That intro was super sweet!!