Album artwork - what size, format?

We’re about to get an artist to create artwork, what size/format should I request it as?
I am hoping to have this eventually go to banners, tees, LP, not just CD cover.

big and it depends on what your artwork is. when submitting your layout to online cd production places they like the indesign files (.indd) also print ready pdf’s would be handy.

The designer you’re working with might be able to answer that for you, actually. If you tell them what you’re looking to get printed, they should be able to provide you with an appropriate size or sizes.

I know that DistroKid recommends a 3000x3000 pixel album artwork.

Yes, your designer should be able to tell you. You can also check with the folks that will be doing the print job. They will be able to tell you the necessary sizes, dpi, color space and formats that they will require.

Apparently the guy doesn’t know. I am getting an artist that hasn’t done artwork for bands as of now.

3000x3000 pixel sounds about right

I am trying to research it so it is future proof.

Anyone else to chime in?

My album art has been bashed so completely, lol, that I don’t even know if I have anything of value to add, lol. As much as I know, 300x300 up to and including 600x600 is recommended for MP3 metadata tagging, but, this ain’t really my area of understanding, so, my apologies if I sound like an idiot on this topic, lol!