Ain't No Friend (not metal!)

Hey there folks… did this mix for part of a group competition on FB. Would love to get feeback from the hive-mind on it. I think all I’ve worked on is metal for some time so it was nice to finally break out of that. Cheers!

@Jonathan I used the bx focusurite for all the instrument tracks and did all non-surgical EQ through that… it’s growing on me quickly!

For anyone else interested in the new Plugin Alliance stuff, I’m using the Purple MC77 on snare and vocals and the Shadow Hills comp on vocals and on the 2-bus. I used the Ampeg on the bass DI but I wound up liking the supplied bass amp track better… but the Ampeg plug is pretty awesome.


Nice mix man !

Nice clarity, very nice drums and good overal balans ! Maybe the bass a tiny little bit boomy still, but that might just be me and my cans. HD650.
But for me this sounds legit ! :slight_smile:

Would be exited myself to experiment with a bit more agressive saturation on the electric guitar and organ. But it might not be what every one wants ofcourse. I just like to try it always since I’m still learning to use it, and rather drop it if it doesn’t work out :slight_smile: I hope to do some songs in that genre as well some time, but I think I’m gonna keep focussing on metal for now :slight_smile:

Congrats on the mix !

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Sounds really nice, Blair. Crisp, clear and punchy.

The one thing that stood out immediately was that the bass is too loud. I found a cut centred at 100 hz of up to around 7.5dB (!) was needed to keep the bass from overpowering the track. Of course, when I did that on the stereo mix, I also neutered a lot of the punch from the kick drum, so it would be best addressed at a track level.


Thank you! I’ve been struggling with the low end in my room as of late… have to address that, and do more car checks!

Yes indeed this is nice. The guitar noise is natural. Is there anyway you could post the original so we can compare what you did??

Thank you!
I’ll dig it up… i’ve actually never heard it myself!

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So this is interesting… here’s the version that we were supplied the tracks to:

But here’s the original version… whoa is that different!

Here is how i hear your mix blairhall1974. Hope its useful to you.

Thanks! If you have time, please give me a breakdown of the “how” and “why”… that would make it useful! Cheers!

Sounds good to me. Nice and clean.

I did one with a similar title:

yikes, I did it all on headphones - never really cross referenced it, too lazy… fixed kick, snare, low mid mostly, made the extra loud bass line fit, I hope… also turned it down, could come down a touch more maybe. Generally kicked everything’s ass into line, so it rocks… not divulging how :wink:

Love the kiwi accent on vocals, if that is what it is…

Gotcha… thanks!

Oh, I guess i can elaborate… once you hear a little touch too much of this and that, usually low end or top end… you have to stamp on it.

But in a way that keeps it BALANCED . Big stuff gets out of hand REALLY quickly, so its about keeping the loud stuff under control and the quiet stuff back in the game, without fucking it up.

That ALL sounds pretty generic and boring, but… this shit takes decades to learn, seriously.

Maybe I’m just slow.

edit: just use my mix to ‘hear’ any balance issues you don’t like. If you want.

If its still too soft/ loud for you after Ive had a go at it, you might want to have another look at the mix, because I can’t fix it any further… without ruining the beautiful dynamic. :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining! Cheers!


sorry for the ramble… yeah, just use it as a mix check exercise, like listening to your mixes on radio for the first time… thats all its designed for really. I only spend about 10 minutes or so on these mixes just to get them instinctively in the ballpark , as its easier for me than typing a whole load of stuff out.

Hope it helps.


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Hey blair, did you upload a new mix, because I’m not hearing the out of control bass that the guys mentioned (??) - at least not on my “mix checking” system. (Not on my monitors.) In fact, this sounds like a really decent mix to me. Clear and punchy, great sounds dialed in, good balances - you did a great job on this! The drums are killer. Cool song too.

PS. Just listened to the original - I like yours better!

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Nah I haven’t opened the session since then. I do think there’s some low end that still needs to be dealt with, but I haven’t re-visited, because this was the version I submitted :wink: Thanks man! Cheers!