AI song composition ... go ahead, take the red pill

AI song composition ... go ahead, take the red pill


Check out the article. AI music composition is coming to a studio near you (maybe). Just add vocals.


I like some aspects to this. I think that for those of us who live in the middle of no where this can almost be a necessary tool.


Yes, lack of local musicians could be a reason to look into it. Of course now we have online collaborations so you can get around that if you want. What I thought was really interesting was this part:

Although some fine-tuning was still necessary after the AI delivered its part, she arranged what was offered into verses and a chorus.

“In the past, I’d get into traps of writing songs in a given style or chords I know I like,” Southern said. “When working with AI music, everything it spits at me is a surprise.”

So in a sense, it’s like having a songwriting partner that throws new ideas at you that you might not have considered, and the end result is a richer song. She picks and chooses what she wants, and rearranges as she sees fit.


yeah in the end it is just another tool to make music. If it works for you then awesome.


I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand it can steer you in new directions and break songwriter’s out of “writer’s block” but on the other hand, you can’t really claim that you personally wrote the song…You’re more of a co-writer in this situation. In fact, it appears that the AI is the intelligence that comes up with the main song idea but the human is the one making the decisions on which parts to use…Maybe the AI can be considered the main writer and the human can be considered the producer and/ or arranger, unless the human is actually making the melodies from their own mind.


Yes, an interesting exploration of robo-ethics I suppose. Should humans take credit for work that their robots do? How do you give credit to a robot, as a non-corporeal “being”? Do they have a name and SSN, and identity? “music by R2D2, arranged by Taryn Southern”? I’m guessing Taryn had to give herself songwriting credits, as ASCAP/BMI may not recognize a software program for purposes of collecting royalties. :wink:

Maybe it’s a debate between what ethics suggest should happen, and what is legally possible in the current system? Parents are legally responsible for what their children do, until the children become adults, even though children are independent corporeal beings. That may pose some ethical challenges, but is practical under our current laws and culture.